How to fake a clean house

You’ve run out of time. The holidays are here and you just don’t have the time to deep clean your home. No worries.  I’m going to show you how to “fake clean” your home. This will give you some time until you have a few minutes to do it right.

Clean the three T’s – What are the three T’s? – Toilets, tabletops and TVs.  If you only have a few minutes to clean, this is the perfect formula.  Cleaning the toilets makes perfect sense. You don’t want anyone thinking that you’re a slob! And removing clutter from a table top and other flat surfaces will make your home look cleaner than it really is. The real surprise is the TVs. Everyone will be in front of it most of the day, so you need to make sure you give it a good dusting.

Make your entry way presentable. It’s the first spot in your home that your guests will see. Make sure you give it a quick dust and vacuum. Also make sure there aren’t any cob webs hanging from the lights or ceiling. You don’t want them to be the first thing your guests see when entering your home.

Clean up the counters – Spend a few minutes putting away all the small appliances you WON’T need. That way you won’t have to spend time cleaning them.

Camouflage for your oven -   Put a spill mat in the bottom of your oven, in case someone needs to heat up the dish they brought. Cleaning the oven will take too much time, but if you put a spill mat in the bottom, no one will ever see the mess underneath.

Wipe out foul frig odors- Someone will definitely be in your refrigerator getting something to drink, so make sure you wipe up any spills with a microfiber cloth and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will kill any bacteria that could give your frig a rotten smell.  And of course replace the baking soda with a fresh box.

Freshen up the trash can – You don’t have time to wash out the trash can so instead, let’s make up a little packet that will work to neutralize smells while your company is in the kitchen. Using a coffee filter  place a scoop of new coffee grounds in the middle, add a few fresh cloves and top with a tablespoon of baking soda. Wrap it up and close with a twist tie. Place the packet underneath the garbage bag to keep things smelling good.

Pre-clean your dishes – Pick out the set of dinner dishes you are planning to use and pop them in the dishwasher. Use an automatic soap that is tough on dirt and grease.  Your dishes will look perfect on the table.

Spend a few in the dining room – Quick clean the dining room with a microfiber cloth and a spritz of water. Remember you are just removing dust – not polishing the furniture.

Sit where they will sit – Nothing is more embarrassing than sitting down to a nice gathering with family and friends, only to discover there’s a nasty cob web hanging from the chandelier.  Take a moment to sit in the dining room at the same time you’ll be eating your meal. Have all the lights on and take a few minutes to look around. You’ll be surprised what you’ve overlooked.

Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum – If you have very limited time, make time to vacuum. A clean floor in any room makes it look cleaner. Use a hardwood floor attachment and vacuum on all the hard floors as well. You may not have to wet mop!

Check for pet hair – Your guests will be dressed up and you don’t want them sitting on furniture that’s full of pet hair. Use a rubber glove and wipe all the furniture. The glove will create static and pull all the hair to the end of the piece of furniture. Just wipe with a paper towel to remove it.

Remove smells – don’t cover them up – Covering a smell with a candle or spray usually doesn’t work. It just mixes with the bad smell and you get a nasty combination.  Instead use a natural neutralizer that will take the smells away.

Take a few minutes for yourself – Make sure you leave an extra 15 minutes so you can get cleaned and dressed. Nothing is worse than having all your guests walking in the door while you are still in your PJ’s.  Remember, your friends are coming to see you and will be looking at you more than any other room in your house. Give yourself a moment to look nice.

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