How To Clean Windows With Just H20

One job I never agreed to do as a professional housekeeper was wash the windows. No matter how much money you charged, it was never enough. Washing windows is a terrible job. There is always a smug, streak or mark left behind on the glass.  And don’t think I didn’t try all those old “tricks”.  I mixed up recipes that included alcohol, corn starch, ammonia and even vinegar. I also tried drying the windows with thick paper towels, newspapers and of course, an expensive squeegee system.  No matter what I used, the windows were never perfect. And if you were charging someone to clean their windows, they had to be perfect.  It was cheaper to use the phrase – I don’t do windows.


But then technology caught up with window cleaning. Companies in Europe started manufacturing a fabric called microfiber. It is a man-cut thread that acts like fish gills and cleans so well you only need the cloth and water to do a great job. The manufacturers have perfected this fabric and there is now a wonderful cloth for cleaning windows. I call it the “blue cloth” as it is a finely woven blue microfiber cloth that takes the place of your blue window cleaner and lets you clean your windows with just water REALLY! If I would have had this cloth when I was a professional I’d be a millionaire by now.

There are different types of microfiber cloths so you want to look for the cloths that are made with a split thread. These are designed to be very absorbent and work best for cleaning. Don’t assume that all microfiber cloths are made with a split thread. Some are designed just to be fluffy. That is not the cloth you want to use for cleaning your windows.

Maybe you have a blue microfiber cloth but haven’t had much success using it. I’ll share some secrets with you so you can start appreciating how well it works.

How to Clean Windows with Blue Microfiber:

  1. The very first time you use your cloth you want to dip it into really hot water. The hot water will open the fibers and make them work their best.
  2. When using your cloth make sure to wring it out of all the excess water. Nothing should be dripping out of it.
  3. Use it damp. If there is too much water in the cloth it will leave water spots all over the glass.
  4. Make sure you don’t clean you windows in the direct sunlight. The sun heats up the windows and makes the glass hot, which makes the water evaporate too quickly. It seems weird, but your windows come out cleaner and with less streaks if they dry slowly.
  5. Pick a direction to use the cloth for each side of the window. If by chance you do get a steak or smear (which hardly ever happens) you will know if it’s inside or outside based on the direction of the streaks.

water dropletSome people have found that drying the window with the cloth works better for them.  What I suggest is using a wet one to wipe the window and using another one to dry the glass. This really gives you a perfectly, crystal clear window.

So learn from my mistakes. Try this new technology and don’t be afraid to use it. Using just water and microfiber will actually keep your windows cleaner longer. They won’t get foggy or smeary and that’s really what we want – clear glass so we can enjoy what’s on the other side – Leslie Reichert ~ Green Cleaning Coach

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  1. GREAT!

    I was just going to ask how to clean the windows in my car for I too have tried all of the above as you had done and have streaks everywhere. It is quite frustrating when driving towards the sun and you see all the streaks within your eyesight while driving.

    I did pick up a blue cloth last week to give it a try, but it really did not clean the windshield as I had thought it would. But, I did not try it with water, so I will definitely be trying it again with your suggestions on my next day off!

    Thank you Leslie!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I have several cheap microfiber cloths, as well as regular cotton ones in my trunk. My best results happen to be just this easy : After the automatic carwash and blow dry that I get with my fill-up, I usually grab any type of clean cloth out of my trunk and dry the crevices and door jambs, as well as the trunk sill, to get the water that remains. I will then wring it out and clean the inside windows with it (for some reason the leftover rinse agents do a great job on the glass, even removing the oil film from the window rollers !) And then I'll get another clean cloth to final wipe the glass. From inside the car, one can't see the glass at all ! Hope this helps, Wendy :) !

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Thank you yobarps! Every little bit of information helps!

    3. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      You're welcome :)
      I've got to stop chiming in out-of-turn, LOL !