Holiday cleaning tips- 20 day plan

Getting ready for a Holiday event does not need to be stressful, it just takes a little extra planning. Below is a 20-day plan for cleaning the three most frequently used rooms during a party or dinner.  Just plan to do one thing a day and your home will be perfect for your special occasion.  Remember that it is like climbing a mountain, just one step at a time and you have to keep moving forward. In 20 days your home will be perfect for all your holiday entertaining.

Guestroom: This room will stay clean until the holidays so clean it now.  It will take you six days to have it cleaned and ready for anyone staying overnight.

Essentials you will need for the guest room

Furniture Movers 

Furniture polish

Blue cloth for mirrors and windows

Microfiber dusting cloth 

Bucket for washing heavy dirt

Microfiber mop

Daily Schedule

Day 1 Strip and wash the sheets. Remake the bed. Use furniture movers to make changing the linens easier.

Day 2   Dust the walls and the woodwork using a microfiber mop, microfiber cloth and a spray bottle of water. This simple technique will only take ten minutes to go over the entire room.

Day 3 Clean the mirrors, glass and windows with a blue microfiber cloth and warm water.

Day 4 Dust the furniture using a large looped microfiber cloth and a small spritz of furniture polish.

Day 5 Wash or dust the radiators and baseboards. If they have a large buildup of dust, use a bucket of hot water and microfiber cloth.

Day 6 Vacuum the entire room. If you have extra time, move the furniture and do a “deep vacuuming” that includes using the crevice tool and edging the carpet.

Extra touch – Put a few bottles of water on the night stand along with a magazine or two you think your guests might enjoy. Fresh flowers and an alarm clock are also special things they will appreciate.

Dining room: This room will stay fairly clean until your event during the holidays It will take seven days to have this room ready for the holidays.

Essentials you will need to clean the dining room

Microfiber cloths – one for dusting, one for cleaning glass

Dusting polish

Microfiber mop

Ironing water

 Silver polish

Hardwood cleaner

Day 7 Dust the walls and woodwork using your microfiber mop and spray bottle of water. This will remove the dust on the walls and any cobwebs that might be hanging around.

Day 8 Dust all the furniture with a microfiber cloth and light furniture polish. Make sure to spray the cloth with the polish instead of the furniture. This will make dusting faster and easier.

Day 9 Clean all the light fixtures and windows using a blue microfiber window cloth and water.

Day 10 Organize and wash all the dishes you will be using during the holidays.  Run one big load in the dishwasher so you know everything is sparkling clean. You don’t want to pull something out of hutch and have it be all cloudy. It’s best to have everything squeaky clean.

Day 11 Wash and iron table covers you may be using during the holiday season. Check for spots and stains before putting them in the washing machine. A nice touch is to use ironing water scented with a light essential oil.

Day 12 Wash and polish the silverware you will be using.

Day 13 Give the entire room a through vacuuming or wash the hardwood floors. Use your edging tools to get into tight places around the furniture.


You want to deep clean your kitchen prior to your event. Everyone always ends up hanging around in your kitchen. And don’t forget the guest that needs to use your kitchen to finish making their dish. Focus on all the places your guests might see.

Essentials you will need for the kitchen

Microfiber cloth

Scrubbing sponges

All purpose cleaner

Eraser sponge

Day 14   Clean out the refrigerator and wipe all the shelves and door trim. Your guest will be in and out of the refrigerator getting drinks and ice so you want it to be spotless. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Day 15 Clean the inside of your oven because someone will be peeking inside there something during your party. *A quick way to clean up spills is to use a layer of baking soda and then spray it with white vinegar . Let it sit overnight then wipe away the spill! IT REALLY WORKS

Day 16 Clean the inside of your microwave by heating up some lemon juice in a bowl. The steam will help you remove any buildup without using chemicals. Use a scrubby sponge to remove burnt on food.

Day 17 Clean the inside of your kitchen drawers. Someone will probably be helping you and will be opening all your drawers looking for something. You can also treat the outside of all your wood cabinets with a wood feeder if you think it’s necessary

Day 18  Clean the inside and outside of your coffeepot and coffee maker with a coffeepot cleaner. You can use white vinegar or product made for coffeepots

Day 19 Check and clean all other small appliances you may be using during the holidays: Things like the toaster, mixer, hand mixer, etc. all should be given a good cleaning. use a scrubby sponge and an all-purpose cleaner

Day 20 Run all of the cooking utensils through the dishwasher so they will be clean and ready for the holiday meal.

Now that you’ve deep cleaned the main rooms in the house prior to the holidays, all you need to worry about is giving everything a quick wipe and vacuum. This countdown is guaranteed to remove the stress and worry about having your home ready for guests. Enjoy your family and your home by just taking a little extra time prior to the day to be ready. Everyone will be glad you did.

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