Haute Hat Hair

Hey guys! I found a bunch of really cute Stylesip hats and I knew that I just had to devote a post entirely to them! When I get dressed, I feel like a hat is the icing on the cake. They automatically add a layer of personal style and can really accentuate the shape of your face. One important element to pull off a hat is having the right hairstyle. Check out the stylesI chose to wear with each hat in this video!


Some other tips on pulling off a hat:

1. Make sure you pick a style that flatters your face shape. Example: If you have a long face try a hat with a round brim.

2. Use shine spray, a dryer sheet or a light oil to combat static when you are wearing a knit hat in the winter.

3. Choose a style that goes with the overall theme of your outfit. Wearing wide leg jeans? Try a floppy hat. Wearing something tailored? Pick a fedora.

Striped beanie: Dream Out Loud

Fedora: Bongo

Newsboy: Dream Out Loud

Black hat: Dream Out Loud

Hats always draw tons of attention so throw one on and I bet you will stand out from the crowd! Hope you all are having a great week!!


Linsdsey Calla

Stylesip Girl



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