Fun Weekend Things to Do With Your Toddler

Mom-and-daughter-smilingWhy is it that the weekends rush by so fast and weekdays seem to drag on forever? All of us could use a little more time with our families to enjoy special activities and great weekend things to do together to make memories.

If you’re looking for some new and different fun things to do on the weekend with your toddler or even with your whole family, consider these interesting and exciting options for attractions and cool activities you may find near your own backyard.

Depending on your family’s interests and whether it’s a special birthday weekend or just a regular weekend, you can find things to do for free, on a shoestring budget, or that cost a bit. You can go away for a weekend to a fun resort or you can go somewhere 10 or 15 minutes from your home. The details are up to you, but here are a few things to consider doing with your toddler or young child on a summer weekend.

Aquarium. Catch a glimpse of the beautiful marine life with your entire family.

Beach or lake. Get your swimsuits on and enjoy a fun day in the sun.

Carnival or amusement park. Many rides won’t be suitable for your toddler, but a carnival or amusement park can be a great attraction full of fun, excitement and new things.

Fair or festival. Find some animals, live acts, fun food, and more to keep your toddler occupied.

Frozen yogurt shop. Show your child the joy of putting delicious toppings like cereal, jimmies, and brownie bites on top of your favorite flavors of frozen yogurt.

Hike or jog. Take your little one out in the backpack, baby carrier, or jogging stroller and check out some new trails.

Outdoor music concert. Find a live music act playing outdoors on a sunny day for a fun and festive way to have fun with your toddler.

Museum. Take your toddler to a children’s museum that encourages participation or hands-on activities, such as Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum.

Park or picnic. Like the dinner and a movie date, a trip to the park with a picnic can become a regular family activity to enjoy year after year.

Pick-your-own farm. Take your little one to pick berries, fruit and other wonderful treats, or simply visit the local farmer’s market for a new activity with a delicious result.

Banzai-Wacky-Splash-sprinkerPlayground. It’s tough to find a toddler who doesn’t like to go to the playground!

Sprinkler or wading pool. If your little one loves water, playtime in your own backyard might be right up their alley, provided you have a wading pool or a sprinkler.

Water park. Many indoor and outdoor water parks have areas suitable for toddlers and young children. Look for one near you, and don’t forget your camera!

Zoo. Enjoy showing your little one all the different animals at the zoo! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

The idea is to spend the summer creating lots of fun memories that allow you to show the world to your little one. Think about what you enjoyed doing as a child and what your earliest memories are of. Chances are you remember the beach, the pool, ice cream, walks to the park, playground and more. By reliving them now with your children, they too will have a childhood full of fun and excitement – and memories to last a lifetime.


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