East meets West

I’m so excited to do my first outfit post for the month! I figured that I’d give a little intro and insight into my style and where it comes from and how it all comes together. So here’s the best way to describe it: sometimes I think I’m a west coast girl at heart who is stuck on the east coast. I love the beach. I love warm weather. I love the laid back lifestyle and sometimes you can see that come through in my clothing choices. However, living around New York City forces me to be functional, seasoned, and more urban. Case in point: this outfit.

Here’s the western me shining through: Light washed jeans more suited for desert than snow and a braiding boho detail that seems more LA than NY. Once I slipped these jeans on I knew it needed the fringe bag to go with them, which totally took the outfit into a more western vibe.

So, in an effort to fit in on my coast, I added some more polished pieces like a lady like jacket and a proper classic scarf. I also added these cute Bongo gloves that have a military touch to them to edge the outfit out just a little. It’s all about balance and sometimes I think those elements combined are what make my style more personal. When I’m putting an outfit together I’m usually inspired by some detail or story in one of the pieces I’m trying to build on and I love playing around with time periods or style references.

What I’m wearing:

Dream Out Loud: jeans, scarf, bag and tee.

Bongo: gloves and hat.

What is your favorite style reference? Are you boho or do you live for city sleek?


Lindsey Calla

Stylesip Girl



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