Dorm Room Essentials for Every College Student

/Preparing to leave home and head off to college is an exciting time in one’s life. There is so much to do. Friends to say goodbye to, a course catalogue to peruse, and then there comes the challenge of trying to figure out just what to pack. Here are some essentials that no college student should be without.

Alarm Clock:  Wake up in style with the iHome Dual Alarm Stereo.  This docking station syncs the clock time to current iPhone time settings.  Listen to your favorite tunes while it charges your iPhone, iTouch or iPad.  A USB charging port allows you to charge your other mobile and audio devices.

Wireless Keyboard:  Word processing is easier on the iPad when you sync it with a Bluetooth enabled keyboard.  The Michley Tivax 2 is a wireless keyboard and leather case, which also doubles as a stand.  The magnetic closure fully protects your iPAD during transport.

Mattress Topper and Pad:  No one wants to think too much about the college room mattress they will be sleeping on and there’s no need to when you use a Smart Foam Mattress Topper covered by a Total Protection Mattress Pad.  Used together, they will give you peace of mind and allow for sweet dreams.

Task Lamp:  Your dorm room lighting probably isn’t the best.  Be prepared with a couple of task lamps – one for your desk and one for next to your bed.  They are lightweight, easy to transport and provide plenty of light for studying and reading at night.

Tool Kit:  When you are away from home, you don’t have easy access to Dad’s took kit.  The Essentials tool kit is perfect for dorm room living.  Hang your pictures, assemble your closet organizer and have all the tools you need in a convenient zip-up bag.  Kit includes:

  • 6 inch long nose pliers
  • 6 inch slip joint pliers
  • 6 inch adjustable wrench
  • 12 oz. tubular steel nail hammer
  • 9 inch magnetic torpedo level
  • 12 ft x 5/8 inch tape measure
  • 3 precision screwdrivers (PHO, PHOO, 2.5mm)
  • Magnetic Bit Driver
  • 19 insert bits in holders including slotted, hex, Phillips, square, and star
  • 1/4 inch Adapter
  • Fastener Set

Shop back to campus and get all you need to send your kids off to school.


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