Day 2 Night

Versatility is the one of the top reasons why I actually buy an item of clothing. Let’s face it: sometimes when you leave the house, you end up being gone all day and all night, so we all need things that can go from am to after dark without having to buy two different wardrobes.

When I first looked at this blazer, I immediately thought about it for daytime because of its sweater material. Could I successfully take it into night? Well, I love myself a good style challenge! For day, I paired it with a Dream Out Loud striped top and a comfy pair of Glo black skinny pants. I topped it off with a hat and casual braid. This is a typical outfit to throw on in a hurry or to spend the day running errands. The bag is also DOL and is a great size for daytime. It’s not too big but big enough to fit the essentials. The key to taking it into night was adding tons of gold and sparkle and the sweater actually works to tone it all down. I took a Bongo sequin scarf and used it as a sash on my dress and was able to take my glitter platforms into winter with a cute pair of Dream Out Loud knee socks. You can find this sweater in Kmart stores now and it is a great piece to take you into the transition months heading into Spring!


Lindsey Calla

Stylesip Girl


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