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If you had to pick your least favorite room to clean – wouldn’t you agree it would have to be the bathroom? With all the hair, dust and other yucky stuff in there, it’s the worst job in my house. Plus it never seems to stay clean. Over the years I’ve learned a few tips and tricks that help keep your bathroom cleaner – longer. These tips will also make it easier when it comes time to really clean the bathroom. If you have any other tips that aren’t on my list, please share them with all of us. I always love learning more great ways to make cleaning easier!


Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

  • Swish your toilet every day. That’s right, just a small swish can keep your toilet bowl looking clean for weeks. By just brushing the sides of the toilet quickly, you are knocking off the buildup of minerals that will keep the “ring away”!  Take a moment every morning and give the bowl a swish.
  • When you get out of the shower, wipe the mirror down with a dry microfiber cloth. By using microfiber you will not just be wiping off the steam, but actually cleaning the mirror. The microfiber will remove any dust as well as any built up spray that’s on the glass. Just make sure you go over the entire mirror or you will just have a clean spot in the middle.
  • When you’re done with your shower, always use a squeegee to remove all the droplets of water. When you do this, you are preventing soap scum buildup. The water droplets contain soap and when they dry, they leave a buildup of soap on the fiberglass.  If you use a squeegee every day you will hardly ever have to clean your shower.
  • Don’t have a squeegee? Use a microfiber cloth or terry towel. You’ll be doing the same thing as you would with the squeegee. Wipe away the water and the soap scum won’t build up.
  • Run your bathroom fan for twenty minutes a day. You want the air circulating so that you will keep the mold and mildew away. Run the fan longer than the steam lasts in the room. Even though the steam may disappear, the moisture is still in the air.
  • Clean your tile and grout while you are taking a shower! That’s right; just make sure you are using very natural products. I suggest filling a bottle with white vinegar and spraying it on the grout before you get into the shower. Then use some baking soda on a tooth brush to go over the grout while you are in the shower. You can rinse it off as you are
    rinsing off yourself.
  • Use a bath soap that doesn’t leave a buildup. This may depend on the type of water you have.  Some people feel that using a liquid soap leaves less soap scum than a bar soap. You need to do a little experimenting, but when you find the right soap- keep using it.
  •  Create a daily shower spray made from distilled white vinegar and tea tree oil. The acid in the white vinegar works to eat away built up soap scum. The tea tree oil will prevent mold and mildew as it has anti-fungal properties. A quick spray of this combo after you are done in the shower will prevent scum.
  • Use a shower curtain that repels mold and mildew.  There are some new shower curtain liners that will last for months without a speck of mold or mildew. They are mold and mildew resistant and keep the show looking perfect.

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  1. Enjoyed your article. Many of your suggestions I've been doing for decades and they do make a big difference in paring down actual time spent cleaning the bathroom. And I especially love your tip on the tea tree oil and vinegar shower spray--two items that I use frequently but never thought to combine as a shower spray!