Choose the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Perfect-swimsuitThe beach is more fun if you feel and look good in your swimsuit. No body’s perfect, but everybody can look good if they choose the right suit. Follow these easy steps to find a suit that flatters.

Best bathing suit styles for you

First decide if you are curvy, womanly or slim. Curvy girls have the gorgeous curves. People with womanly figures probably think of themselves as average. They are the women most suits are made for, so they get the best selection. Slim women can wear the bikinis, although they might want a spare suit or a rash guard for serious swimming.

The first step is to measure your hips, waist and bust. If your bust is much larger than your hips, or the reverse, make a note of it. You’ll get a better fit if you buy swimsuit separates.

Also try on last year’s suit. It gives you hints about size and will remind you of what you like and dislike in a suit.

Best bathing suit for your body type

Very curvy women look best in structured suits with feminine touches that soften their look. Big-chested girls will also be comfortable in a structured suit with good coverage, and they won’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. A skirted tankini offers excellent coverage in plus sizes.

Striped-bikiniIf you’re bigger on the bottom, the solution is a black or dark swim skirt, boy short or plain sport bottom. With one of these, a colorful or distracting tankini top draws the eye up. Jaclyn Smith offers at least five varieties of dark suit bottoms, so you can choose one that suits your style. Choose a cute tankini top or two to match, and you’ll have a great swim wardrobe.

The tall and slender can wear bare bikinis, because the two pieces visually divide your height and create the illusion of curves. Get a rash guard to go over a bikini for Athletec-swimsuitswimming, though, or try an athletic look, like the one shown at right, for your second suit.

Floral prints are great for everyone. They confuse the eye, concealing irregularities and making your shape seem sleeker. Ruffles soften your look, and strategic gathers slim you visually, by confusing the eye with shadows.

Swim suit tips

No matter what your mother told you, don’t match your eye color to your suit. It will outshine your eyes. Instead, go paler or darker. Violet is great for green-eyed women and brings out green flecks in hazel or brown eyes. Navy and black are go-to colors, but choose them with details that bring them to life.


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