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So, there’s a new site on the web that I want you to check out: You may be asking yourself, OK, doesn’t Kmart already have What gives? Where this site differs from other Kmart sites: is a mix of high-end fashion news, Kmart specific fashion as well as tips for how wear the fashion. You can read anything from news from the runways of New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to an insider scoop on upcoming lines at - a pretty good once over, and it’s something new that I think will appeal to real people with good taste.

Here are some highlights:

* Best Brands:The site highlights along the right side some of my favorite brands at Kmart. One of my go-to Kmart brands is the Attention line, which I don’t think gets enough attention. It’s where I go to buy my fashionable but not outlandish clothing. You can find a nice work dress that hugs your curves or a cute, fitted pants suit in the Attention line. Think day-to-night with the clothing.

*Up and coming: gives us a teaser of upcoming ‘K’ lines, such as its fashion plus-size line, Love Your Style, Love Your Size. It’s very hard for many designers to get plus-size fashion right. I often hear complaints about stores only offering big tents as dresses. I can’t wait to try out the line to see if offers true fashion at a decent price. Plus-sized clothing tends to cost more than regular clothes. Can Kmart pull it off? I can’t wait to find out.

Also, there is a Slim Fabulous line coming up from Kmart. I will keep an eye on that. For me, shapewear often is full of extremes: it’s like wearing a straight jacket or so flimsy, it’s doesn’t do the job of sucking in the gut. Meh!

*Fashion Looks for Less: My favorite part to read on the site is the “How to Wear It” blog posts. This section features a celeb look with links pointing to where you can get the look for less at Kmart. I spend quite a bit of time on the internet. I need to read things that are useful , can help me save time and look great.  The “How to Wear It” section simplifies my online shopping. Time is money.

So, if you like fashion content as well as knowing what’s coming up at Kmart, I say check out If you are a member of the Kmart’s reward program, it’s good to know what the store has coming up so you can see if it’s better to buy it from Kmart and let your points stack.


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  1. not yet, but we are working on it. hopefully our iphone/ ipad app will launch for the summer.!

  2. a Kmart Fashion iPhone app a possibility??? Or a myrewards app?