Bucketless Floor Mopping

Bucketless mopping my way for you to clean your hard floors quickly and easily.  I’m always trying to find ways to make cleaning faster and more economical.  Time is money in the cleaning industry, so if there’s a faster way to do something, it’s worth its weight in dollar bills.  I have always insisted on washing floors on my hands and knees.  I really thought there was no better way to get a floor clean than by getting down and scrubbing it. But after years of cleaning floors like this – my knees started to rebel.  Ceramic tile floors are very destructive to poor old knees. So I had to find a better way to clean the floors and still have them look like I had been down there scrubbing them the “old fashioned” way.

After a lot of thought and a few failed attempts I discovered a system that works perfectly for cleaning all types of hard floors.  I call it bucket-less mopping.  With this system you don’t use a bucket to wash the floor. Instead, you mix up your cleaner in a spray bottle and the bottle becomes your bucket. You will use much less water and just a fraction of the cleaner you would normally use in a bucket AND it’s  going to make cleaning your kitchen floor a snap.

Here’s how it works:

Use a 16 ounce spray bottle.

Put a few drops of your favorite floor cleaner in the bottom of the bottle

Add enough water to fill it to the top

Insert your spray nozzle into the mixture and shake.

This spray bottle is now your bucket. You have mixed your cleaner to the same water: cleaner ratio as if you were using a two gallon bucket.  It’s amazing how much water and cleaner you are saving.

And here’s the bigger secret. You want to purchase a microfiber mop with removable – washable mop heads. These mop heads will clean the floor without spreading dirt. You will need two to three removable mop covers to clean your kitchen floor.  I have an average size kitchen and I use three covers. I could get away with two, but I like to make sure that the floor is getting really clean, so I change them often while I’m washing it.

Place all the mop head covers in the sink and cover them with plain hot water. Take the first cover and squeeze out all the excess water. You want the mop head to be damp, not wet. Put the damp cover on the end of the mop and start at the farthest corner of the kitchen. Spritz you cleaning mixture on to a small area and then wipe it with the mop. Continue to mop the floor until you feel like the mop head is getting dirty. Remove it from the end of the mop and put it directly into the washing machine. Then grab another clean damp mop head and place it on the end of the mop. By doing this you are preventing cross contamination. When you rinse your sponge mop in a bucket of dirty water, you are just spreading the dirt and germs back onto the floor. Bucket-less mopping prevents cross contamination.  Continue washing the floor is small segments – changing the mop cover whenever you feel it’s necessary. The other great thing about this system is that the floor will dry very quickly so you will be able to walk on it right away. This system is also great for hard wood floors since you are only using a damp cover, . It’s perfect because you are only using a little bit of water which won’t do any damage to the wood floor.

Give my bucket-less mopping system a try. You will be amazed at how easy it is to wash your floors. It may be so easy that you’ll try doing it more often!

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  1. This is fantastic. Seems like a less daunting task this way, too!

  2. A great way to conquer the "Big Fill" in mopping, Leslie :):) ! Bravo ! Now I just have to open up all of the "Swiffer-type" stuff that I bought on clearance, LOL ! And I only have a small kitchen/dinette area, per se !!!