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Fisher-Price Single Sound-n-Lights Monitor

This monitor features sound-activated lights on both sides of the receiver to help alert you when your bundle of joy is crying.  Be on the look out for the built-in nightlight on the transmitter.  This is great when you’re waking up early and late.  This monitor has two channels to minimize interference, youll have a crystal-clear connection up to 400 feet!

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“I can go all around my house, in my yard, even to my next door neighbors house and it still picks up like I was right next to it.  I love that the base acts as a night light, and that you can turn on and off. But its not harsh, even right next to babys crib. Its a super soft glow, but you can still see in the room. Also the monitor has lights to indicate how loud the baby is crying. Which is super important if you forget to turn it up. I’d wake up and look at the monitor… if it wasn’t lit up I knew all was well. Very durable!! Can use with or without batteries!!! Really inexpensive….”


Safety 1st Crystal Clear Two Receiver Monitor

This great monitor was rated 5 stars by sears.com shoppers.  The monitor features two receivers and two channels to help prevent interference. Other key features include:

  • 2 channels
  • 2 portable parent units with belt clips
  • Low battery indicator
  • 600 ft range

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“I like that this baby monitor comes with two receivers.  This monitor has very clear sound and a very wide range.  Let’s me hear my baby at all times no matter what I am doing.  With this, I know exactly when she wakes up from a nap and whether she is upset or happy when she wakes.  A baby monitor is a necessity when you have a baby, and this is a very good one.”



Summer Infant Summer Infant 07160 Sure Secure Secure Custom-Fit Gate

Help your baby stay safe with the Summer Infant 07160 Sure Secure Secure Custom-Fit Gate – This is a secure metal gate that will fit in those larger openings between 3 5 and 6 feet wide.  There is also the 6 Foot Metal Expansion Gate which hardware mounts securely in place and has a convenient walk-thru door for easy access between rooms.

  • Fits openings 44 -72 106cm-183cm
  • stands 30 76cm tall
  • Secure hardware mounted design
  • Great for double doorways and extra-wide openings
  • One-handed stylish arched walk thru door
  • 4 extensions included
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“We use this between our family room and kitchen, it has an odd, uneven opening and this is perfect!  We didn’t need to drill anyholes as we found a way to position it behind a chair so that it’s stable without drilling.  Easy to open. The mesh is great, our little one will stand against it and can see through it!”

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Kenmore 12 Gallon Humidifier

Control your babies room humidity with our Kenmore 12 Gallon Humidifier.  This contemporary style evaporative humidifier has an 12 gallon output over a 24 hour period. Suitable for an area up to 2500 sq. ft. (based on an 8 ft. ceiling height.)

  • Actual humidity displayed in 1% increments
  • Advanced automatic dry-out mode promotes cleaner operation, eliminates stagnant water
  • Press keys to security lock the digital controls
  • Treated filter is mold/mildew resistant
  • 4-speed fan plus new AUTO mode to personalize your comfort zone
  • Single side fill bottle fits under most faucets & fills at the sink, with no hose required
  • Power/refill light indicator
  • 4 swivel casters for easy maneuverability
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“I bought this unit last year. I have a 1500 sq foot home. Sat it near the cold air duct as suggested–worked like a charm for the whole house….Once the house was initially humidified, it ran efficiently, quietly and wonderfully. I loved how easy it is to fill. Bought the filters for it this year and am ready for the time I turn the heat on. Have recommended this to lots of folks and they have praised it’s efficiency as well. I’ve had plenty of units…this one is the best! Used a bit of bleach in the water to keep any smells down…works like a charm.”


Summer Infant Bath Center with Shower

Be sure your baby is clean with the Summer Infant Bath Center with Shower!  This great bath center comes with a shower unit  that helps add a refreshing bath-time experience.  If your baby is a newborn you can use the sling included with the bath center, and remove later.  Other great features of this bath center include:

  • Large newborn to toddler sized tub
    • Stage 1: Newborn sling in sink
    • Stage 2: Newborn sling in toddler tub with shower
    • Stage 3: Toddler tub with shower for growing babies
    • Stage 4: Toddler tub without shower for large toddlers
    • Stage 5: Removable shower unit for extended use
  • Soft foam pad on bottom of tub
  • Motorized Baby Bath Shower with ergonomic shaped handle

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“I purchased the shower and bath center before I gave birth to my son. I have used it since his birth and it is still working great. At first I used the included sling since he couldn’t sit by himself and now he’s sitting and enjoying in his little tub. He absolutely loves the shower feature! It’s his favorite part of bathtime. The tub is easy to use and clean and I am glad I bought it.”

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