Best Apples for Baking, Cooking and Eating Raw

Apple-pieWhen choosing the best apples for baking, snacking, or cooking savory dishes, flavor and texture are the two key factors. Apples that are firm-fleshed, oozing in tartness, or sweet-tart taste, will retain both shape and flavor during the baking process. On the other hand, the consistency of tender-fleshed apples is lost during baking, as is the flavor in bland tasting apples.

Best apples for baking

Apple varieties that are at the head of class when it comes to baking are Granny Smith, Braeburn, Baldwin, Crispin, Empire, Honey Golden, Jonathan, Idared and Rome Beauty.  These crisp textured, tangy tasting beauties will hold up under hot oven temperatures.

Best apples for savory dishes

Tart-sweet apples that are firm in texture pair well with savory dish ingredients enhancing the flavor of herbs and spices, meats, cheeses, vegetables and potatoes.  Among the excellent choices for savory recipes are Golden Delicious, Cortland, Cameo, Granny Smith, Ginger Gold, Idared, and Jonagold.

Best apples for eating raw

Selecting the best apples for snacking depends on what appeals to individual taste buds.  For a sweet, crunchy apple, Red Delicious or Fuji will more than satisfy. But for that someone whose tastes leans more toward a nice juicy, sweet piece of fruity perfection, then the Honeycrisp or Gala will suffice.

Whether eaten raw, baked, sautéed, sauced, or juiced, apples are a nutritious and tasty addition to any breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner menu.


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