Bed Sheets Buying Guide

Woman-sleepingBuying bed sheets involves more than simply knowing what size to purchase, particularly if you’re interested in maximum comfort, longevity and laundering ease. It’s possible for you to buy your bed sheets individually – flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillowcases. You can also purchase them in ready-made sets.

Here are four things you need to consider before buying bed sheets you’ll be happy to sleep on.

Essential-Home-sheet-setThread count

If you want your bed sheets to last, you need to take thread count into consideration. Thread count (TC) is the term used to describe the quantity of fibers that are woven into a single square inch of fabric. The higher the number is, the longer the linens should last. Thread count also gives you an idea as to how comfortable the bedding will be since it contributes to how much body heat the sheets will trap.

Sheets with a TC between 200 and 800 offer a soft texture, breathability with comfortable heat retention, and durability. Anything lower than a 200 TC might not last as long as higher counts, but they’re great if you like to switch your color scheme frequently. Essential Home’s 140 TC muslin sheet set, shown above, is ideal if you’re looking for lots of color choices.


The ply of the linens tells you how many fibers have been twisted together prior to being used to create the fabric. Single-ply sheets are made using fibers that are woven into the fabric individually. Double-ply refers to two fibers that have been twisted together prior to weaving them into linens, and so on. Single-ply sheets usually offer the highest level of luxury.


Egyptian and Pima cotton are two of the most luxurious types of fabric to purchase for your sheets. They are soft to the touch and durable. Cotton allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture. The Tribeca Living Egyptian Cotton 500-thread 6-piece sheet set offers a luxurious soft feel with deep pockets and a double-stitched band at the hem.

Great-Find-reversible-sheet-setSateen is silky smooth to the touch. It’s manufactured with the majority of its threads on the upper surface. If you’re interested in a queen, king, or California king set of heavenly smooth sheets, you might want to look into Tribeca Living Egyptian Cotton Sateen 600 TC 6-piece sheet set. It comes in several colors.

Polyester blends are less expensive, so there’s a lot to choose from no matter what size you want. The Great Find Reversible 6-piece 500 TC sheet set, shown at right, gives you a lot of luxury along with the ability to change your color pattern.


When you’re buying bed sheets, not only must you know what size bed you have, but you should also know the depth of the mattress. This is known as the pocket size since it tells you how deep the pockets or corners of the sheets must be to properly fit your mattress without slipping off. Bed sheets are sold in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.


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