Barbecue Leftover Ideas

Family-barbecueYou hosted a great summer barbeque with great food, fun and guests. Now you’ve got a refrigerator full of leftovers. Although having too much is better than having too little when it comes to hosting parties, it doesn’t mean you should have to throw out a lot of food. Here are some simple ideas for using up leftovers from your barbeque when you’ve got more than you know what to do with.


You can easily crumble up leftover hamburgers to use for pizza toppings, pasta sauces, soups or dips. You can also crumble up the meat and use it to make loose meat sandwiches like maid-rites or Sloppy Joes.


Using up leftover brats may seem tricky, but it’s actually relatively easy with a little creativity. You can dice them up and put them into scrambled eggs. You can also use diced brats in pasta dishes in the place of sausage. Another great way to use leftover brats is to slice them and use them to top nachos with other complementary toppings.

Potato salad

You can use up extra leftover potato salad by putting it in a blender with a bit of chicken broth and pureeing it until smooth. Use the dip for chips or crackers. You can also mix up the potato salad with some eggs and your choice of seasonings and cook it in a frying pan into a flavorful twist on a potato pancake.

Corn-on-the-cobCorn on the cob

You can cut the corn off the cob and use it in a number of recipes like chowders, salsas and cornbread. You can even cut the corn off the cob when it’s still warm and add some butter and seasonings, then freeze the corn in freezer bags so you can serve fresh tasting sweet corn months later.

Pasta salad

It’s easy to turn leftover pasta salad into a delicious tuna salad simply by adding some canned tuna. This adds both flavor and protein to the leftover side dish. If you have a pasta salad that was made with Italian or other oil-based dressing, you can make a tasty Italian inspired lettuce salad by tossing the leftover pasta salad with some chopped romaine lettuce and Italian meats and cheeses like salami, pepperoni and Parmesan.


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  1. These are some really great ideas-especially the brats and eggs recipe. My family would love that on a weekend morning!