Baby and Toddler Diaper Bag Checklist for Family Outings

Mother-kissing-baby-boyYour little one’s first summer trip to the beach or even the local pool should be magical — a time to create amazing memories. Reduce the stress of traveling with a baby or toddler by packing the right diaper bag essentials. The change of seasons requires a reassessment of your diaper bag contents for outings with your baby. Instead of packing an extra sweater, you need to pack the sunscreen, floppy hat and other summer necessities.

When you’re raising a little one (or two or three), it’s a common thing to feel stressed and disorganized as you race through the house, trying to pack for a day trip. Give yourself a head start and place a diaper bag checklist on the refrigerator for quick reference before setting out on a summer’s day trip to the pool, beach or park.

Designate a day trip bag

Keeping a separate diaper bag for day outings allows you to keep those specific day trip items at hand when it’s time to go. Your daily diaper bag may be a bit smaller and contain two or three diapers, one change of clothing, wipes and other Trend-Lab-baby-totenecessities. However, the day trip diaper bag needs to be a bit larger to accommodate a few more items.

For a day at the beach or park, the Trend Lab Baby Max Tulip Tote is the perfect solution. Made of brown microfiber fabric, this large tote has two outer bottle pockets, a wide zippered pocket on the front and a snap-close pocket on the back. The inner compartment features a mesh divider and two more pockets. It also comes with a removable changing pad.

Fisher-Price-diaper-backpackA trip to the amusement park, zoo or other places where you’ll be walking for longer periods calls for a backpack-style diaper bag. The backpack-style diaper bag keeps your hands free and offers ample room to store everything baby needs for a full day out. The Fisher-Price Diaper backpack deluxe has four outer pockets, including an insulated bottle pocket, adjustable shoulder straps and a reinforced footed bottom that allows you to create a changing station wherever needed.

Summer diaper bag essentials

  • Diapers — one per hour, or training pants for potty-training toddlers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Wash cloth, burp cloth and hand towel for mom and dad
  • Two to three bibs — always pack extra, especially if your baby is teething and drooling
  • Bottle(s) or sippy cup — generally, one sippy cup is sufficient, but you’ll need more than one bottle depending on the length of your trip and your child’s needs
  • Formula, milk or breast milk — prepared and chilled
  • Baby food with baby-safe utensils
  • Bottled water
  • Snacks — you can keep snacks for older children in your baby’s diaper bag
  • Extra clothes for baby — two or three onesies, shirts and bottoms
  • Floppy hat
  • Baby swimsuit
  • Two light blankets
  • Baby/toddler- safe toys — don’t overstuff with toys but choose at least one or two you know will keep your child entertained and happy
  • Baby-friendly sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Several gallon-size baggies — ideal for dirty diapers, wet bathing suits and dirty clothes
  • Two pacifiers (if baby uses a pacifier, always pack a spare)
  • Travel-size first-aid kit
  • Emergency information in waterproof bag

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  1. Great list of baby needs!

    It is so easy to forget to grab items when on the go. But if you have a checklist such as the one provided and fill the diaper bag each night, it will help lesson the load for when those unforeseen events take place while out and about!