An Easy Way To Clean Your Ceiling Fans

My husband and I woke up the other day to beautiful sunshine streaming into our room. My husband’s first words weren’t good morning – instead he asked “hey, when did the ceiling fan get so dirty?” Ugg, what a terrible way to start the day. But I knew I could take care of that problem with one simple technique that almost makes you want to clean the ceiling fans in your home. You noticed I said – almost.

What you will need:

  • Small step ladder
  • Spray bottle filled with just water
  • Pillowcase

What we are going to do is use the pillow case to remove all the dirt and dust from the fan without getting anything on your bed or carpet. One reason people hate cleaning their ceiling fans is that they use a duster which spreads the dust everywhere. If you use a duster, you have to cover the bed or furniture underneath the fan to prevent a huge mess. My pillowcase technique will keep all the dust totally under control.

To start, check both the inside and outside of the pillowcase and see if there is a softer side. I like using old flannel pillow cases as they are soft and make the perfect dusting cloth. You want the keep the softer side of the pillowcase on the outside. Open the pillowcase and use the step ladder so you can reach a paddle on the fan. Place the pillowcase over the fan – reaching it all the way to the very end. Put both hands on the top and the bottom of the case, press lightly on the paddle and pull it towards you. Keep the pressure on both sides as you pull the dust off the paddle. It’s that easy! Now move to the next paddle and repeat the technique. After all the paddles of the fan are dust free, spritz a little water on the outside of the pillowcase and use it as a dust rag over the paddles. This will collect the little bits of dust that may still be on the fan.

If you are having trouble visualizing this technique I’m including a video so you can see how easy cleaning the ceiling fan can be. My best friend called me a genius – but really I just think outside of the box when it comes to cleaning.

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