7 Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Wall-of-mirrorsMirrors are great for adding depth and light to any room. They create illusions that fool the eye into seeing a bigger and brighter room. The fact that they serve a function is almost an afterthought. Here are 7 tips for using mirrors when you’re decorating your home.

Adding depth

Mirrors make a room look bigger. They’re especially good in small areas like narrow hallways. You’d be surprised at the difference just one mirror can make on a small apartment. Put a mirror at the end of a hallway to make the hallway appear to go on forever.

Reflect light

Natural light is the best lighting, but installing a window isn’t always possible. Place a mirror across from a window to spread some of that natural light around the room. Chandeliers and other light sources are also good to reflect, especially in areas that don’t get any natural light.

Framed-mirrorEnhance the view

It’s important to show off the best qualities of your room, especially if it’s a small space. If you have a window or balcony with a great view, place a mirror on the other side of the room to enhance it. Whether it’s a natural garden setting or a breathtaking skyline, the mirror will act like a live piece of art.

Accent your accent

Place a mirror in a way that it reflects your accent wall or artwork. If you’re strategic in coordinating the art and mirrors, it can be a very interesting combination. Move them around in several different positions to see what works best.

Make your mirror art

Framed-oval-mirrorMirrors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can become artwork itself. The frame is important and should match the room’s décor. Also, pay attention to the shape of the frame. Set off rectangular wall photographs or lights with oval mirrors and vice versa.

Make your mirror an accent

A mirror can be the accent in a room, especially in a bedroom where it would also be functional. Place a tall, sturdy mirror in the corner of a room and put a soft spotlight behind it. Hang a tall, floor-to-ceiling mirror on a closet door for an accent wall.

Hang multiple mirrors

The more of the wall the mirror takes up the better. Don’t use a small mirror on a huge wall. If you do use small mirrors, group multiple mirrors together to create the illusion of one big mirror.


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  1. I've always heard that adding a mirror makes the room feel larger. We need to try this in our home!