5 Tips for Bringing Home Your Newborn Baby

5 Tips for Bringing Home Your Newborn Baby

Giving birth to a new son or daughter is one of the most precious events in a woman’s life. You’re filled with love for your baby and in awe of your little bundle. The first few days and weeks after arriving home with a newborn can be extremely exhausting, however.
Newborns don’t follow any kind of eating schedule, and they may stay awake throughout the night while sleeping during the day. This can be very hard on a mom, especially when you have older children. To help survive this brief-but-exhausting period, keep these 5 tips in mind.

Let others help you

Many moms take great pride in maintaining their homes, and it can be hard to allow friends and family to help with chores, cooking and cleaning. This is one of those times in your life when you shouldn’t feel guilty about asking for a little assistance, though. Most people are ready and willing to help a friend or relative who’s just had a baby. They just need to be assigned tasks.

Sealy  Tambour Select Plush Euro Pillowtop Queen MattressSleep when your baby sleeps

Finding time to rest or sleep is one of the most common issues new mothers face. Daily schedules become so disorganized that new moms must get sleep whenever they can. When your newborn sleeps, take the opportunity to cuddle with your little one and take a nap. Turn off your cell phone, remind yourself that the housework will still be there when you wake up, and get some rest.

Schedule activities for older children

Accepting a new sibling into the family can be stressful for an older son or daughter, and they may become unusually crabby or needy depending on their age. Keep older siblings happy and entertained by having new toys, games or activities handy. When they grow bored and are no longer content entertaining themselves, unveil a new toy or game that will keep them occupied while you take care of your newborn’s needs.

Live in the moment

It can be very easy to focus on the difficult aspects of mothering a newborn, such as sleepless nights or nursing challenges. Make sure to enjoy the happy times. Kids grow up fast, and each stage is special in its own right. Cherish each moment with your little infant before it’s come and gone.

slr camerasTake lots of pictures

Although you’ll be tired, try to take as many pictures as possible. The newborn phase passes so quickly and you’ll want to remember exactly what your child was like when he or she was so young. Having a camera full of pictures helps preserve that precious time for years to come.


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