5 Great Easter Toy Ideas that Foster Children’s Creativity

Need some ideas for an Easter gift that your child will love and is also good for him or her? Kids learn through play, and when they interact with the world during play, they learn to problem-solve, compromise and understand how things work. Play is truly children’s work – and often, the best tools for that work don’t require batteries or electricity.

Here are five great Easter toy ideas that will encourage open-ended play and foster your child’s creativity.

BlocksBlocks and building sets

Working with blocks helps build spatial awareness and problem-solving skills. A set of simple wooden blocks can provide hours of entertainment. There are also lots of great construction sets out there, but the ones with the most play value are the ones that leave the building up to your child. Some construction toys put too much emphasis on following models to build a preset structure – the real magic happens when children design and build their own ideas.

Playsilks and scarves

Scarves and playsilks – large colored squares of silk – have endless possibilities for play. They can turn a child into a princess or a superhero. They can be used to build forts or wrap up stuffed animals. On a warm summer day, kids can enjoy simply running through the yard and watching them flutter in the breeze. Because they don’t have a directed purpose, playsilks and scarves foster loads of creativity and imagination.

Angry birds ballOutdoor toys

Children require physical activity for optimal health. Just as they learn by stacking blocks or coloring with crayons, they also learn by running and kicking and jumping. Balls of all kinds are great for helping children develop spatial awareness and motor skills. Sports equipment also encourages kids to play outside and develop cooperation skills. Frisbees, kites, balls, jump ropes, bubbles, bicycles, trampolines – the choices are almost unlimited.

Play-DohArts and crafts

Most children love to create. Art supplies can be targeted to your child’s interests  – some kids like to paint, while others prefer to squish their fingers through clay. With careful modeling and practice, children can even learn to keep their art supplies tidy and to clean up after themselves.

Role-playing toys

Toys like cars, trucks, stuffed animals and dolls stimulate the imagination. Children learn to live in the world by pretending. They’re especially drawn toward “pretend” stuff that mimics the things adults use – kitchen utensils, tools, cell phones and dress-up clothes.


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