5 Fun Winter Activities

5 Fun Winter Activities

Outdoor winter activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family are as varied as the regions across the United States. If you live in a colder region, just be sure everyone dresses warmly in layers and takes breaks indoors to warm up.

Hang homemade bird feeders

To create winter bird feeders you and your kids can place in nearby trees, hollow out oranges with the rinds left on and punch holes through either side. Run twine through the holes and fill the cavities with birdseed. Another simple construction technique is to tie wire around the top of a pinecone, cover the cone in peanut butter and roll it in birdseed.

Travel by Design Spray Bottle 6 ozPaint the yard red and blue and yellow and …

Encourage children to express their creativity by painting the grass or snow. The backyard becomes a blank canvas in this family-friendly winter activity. Simply fill several 6-ounce spray bottles with water and food coloring. The small bottles fit into young hands best.

Stage a field day

Who says baseball can only be played during the summer? Even with snow on the ground, an oversized foam bat and ball makes hitting, fielding and rounding bases – maybe formed from packed snow – possible. You can get plenty of exercise before going back inside for a hearty lunch or warming cups of hot chocolate. Winners get extra marshmallows or helpings of dessert. When you head back outdoors, change the activity to a snow-creature-building contest or another game of skill.

Winter Fun Walrooz Connectible SledsGo sled sliding away

One of the most entertaining outdoor winter activities is simple and traditional. Never underestimate the thrill of rushing down a snow-covered hill on a new sled. Remember, though, that kids need adult supervision while sledding and that the American Academy of Pediatrics asks parents to consider having their kids wear protective helmets.

Skate on thick ice

Ice skating ranks as one of the top things families enjoy doing outside during winter. Even if you live far from an open-air rink, few U.S. cities have no indoor rinks.


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