5 Creative Ideas for Displaying Kids’ Art

Child's-artworkDisplaying your child’s craft and artwork can seriously boost their self-esteem. It’ll also encourage them to keep up the good work. Children respond to positive reinforcement, and the best way to offer encouragement is to tell them they’re doing a great job. Hanging up your child’s work on the refrigerator is perfectly fine for encouragement, but it can get old to them real quick. Here are 5 new and creative ways to display your child’s art this school year.

Displaying Kids Artwork via:

Online display
If you want to show your child’s artwork to the world, start an image blog completely devoted to your child’s art or homework. It’s a good way to catalog your child’s personal artistic growth while keeping copies backed up online. This is a popular way to show artwork to family members who live outside your local area as well.

Display board
Having an entire board that’s devoted to displaying your child’s accomplishments, artwork, and good grades can be a smart way to keep things tidy while also giving your child a well-deserved esteem boost.

Pillows and quilts
If you have a computer scanner, are handy with sewing, and are able to buy transfer paper for your printer, you can scan some of your child’s best artwork. Transfer the scanned images onto fabric, then use the fabric in family quilts, pillows and patches. It’s a very chic way to add a personal family-oriented twist to any room.

Art gallery wall
Help your child come up with fun ways to display their art on their own private art gallery wall. Buy some thin wooden boards, super glue and clothespins. Paint the boards, then super glue the clothespins to them. This will create some beautiful display boards for your Disney-scrapbookchild’s artwork. All you need to do now is hang them up on a wall and let your child choose which work they’d like to display.

Art scrapbook
Have a small scrapbook filled with pieces of your child’s creative work. A good art book can be an amazing keepsake for a parent who wants to chronicle their child’s artistic and scholastic growth. This is also a great idea if you don’t have the storage space necessary to keep their creative school projects.

-Emily Wright


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