40 Quick and Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

Couple-in-kitchenIn diet plans of the past, snacking between meals was looked upon as cheating. Today most doctors agree that eating between meals can help keep you on track, as long as you don’t blow it with the wrong high calorie snack. Eating between meals keeps your metabolism going throughout the day instead of shutting it down. If you know you have a hard time waiting until the next meal, the best tactic is to plan ahead with healthy snacking options.

The snacks listed here are healthier, but they don’t take into consideration any special dietary restrictions you may have. First are some fruits and vegetables you could pop into your local grocery store to get in a pinch instead of going through a fast food drive-through. There are also three prepackaged snacks to buy, and lastly are some foods you can prepare ahead of time to have ready when hunger hits.

Remember, adding butter, cheese or high fat dressing when preparing foods is not a good idea. However, there are an abundance of herbs and spices you can add to enhance flavor without adding calories. Approximate calories are listed in parenthesis.

10 Fruits

1 medium apple (80-90), 1 pear (100), 1 cup grapes (60), 1 cup honeydew melon  (60), 1 cup cantaloupe (60), 2 kiwis (100), 2 small peaches (80), 2 cups raspberries (40),  2 plums (80-100), 2 cups strawberries (85) 1 medium orange (100), 1/2 grapefruit (60)

Fruit-and-vegetables12 raw vegetables

Three cups lettuce (30), 3 celery stalks (30), 1 medium tomato (30), 2 cups spinach (20), 2 cups cabbage (20), 2 cups cauliflower (40), 2 cups mushrooms (40), 1 cup green or red pepper (40), 2 cups broccoli (40), 1 cup alfalfa sprouts (20), 1-1/2 cups carrots (90)

3 healthy snacks

20 mini pretzels (100), 1/2 cup flavored gelatin (65), 10 baked tortilla chips & 1/2 cup salsa (100)

12 cooked vegetables (boiled or steamed)

1 cup eggplant (20), 1 cup cauliflower (20), cabbage (40), 1 cup summer squash/zucchini (40), 1 cup spinach (40), 1 cup asparagus (40), 2 cups broccoli (80), 2 cups green beans (80), 1 cup green peas (80), 1/2 cup corn (70) 1 medium sweet potato (100)

3 healthy snacks to make

Popcorn, 3 cups (100) – It can be made with a commercial air popper or in the microwave. Buy regular popcorn kernels. For the microwave, place 1/4 cup in a paper lunch bag. Fold over the top. No butter or salt is needed. Set microwave to no longer than 2 to 3 minutes. Watch and listen. When you can count a few seconds between pops, it’s done. It’s easy to burn popcorn in the microwave if left too long. Add very light butter (1/2 tbsp.) or light butter spray and light sea salt. Sea salt’s concentrated flavor wows your taste buds so you use less. You can use a salt grinder or use a mortar and pestle to grind it smaller.

Strawberry treats (34-50) – Take three strawberries, wash them and remove the tops. Take 2 chocolate chips and press them into the top of each strawberry. Enjoy. These are a lot healthier than chocolate-covered strawberries. Three will only be about 3-5 calories per strawberry depending on size. The six chocolate chips will add about 25 to 35 calories more depending on the type of chocolate and size of the chips. Prepare them ahead of time and pack them with your lunch for afternoon cravings.

Turkey pepperoni bites (75-90) – You can eat 17 slices of turkey pepperoni for only 70 calories (about 4 calories each), and only 35 calories from fat – much lower than the regular version. Take four slices and place them on four small crackers. Check calorie content on the crackers. But in most cases, you’ll end up with less than 100 calories. You could even add a sprinkle of grated parmesan which is also low in calories, but high on taste. Try microwaving for five to seven seconds for a hot snack.

If you plan ahead, you can keep your cravings low and your metabolism high. When hunger hits, you won’t blow it at a fast food joint or pick up a high calorie snack food at a convenience store.

-by Peter D. Mallett


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  1. I loved the strawberry/choco-chip idea ! Especially using dark chocolate !

    'Whatever Happened To Carob ?' That was an excellent chocolate substitute !
    And I also like the turkey pepperoni bits and slices. I did try a brand of turkey jerky. Leave that in the store - not good at all :{ !

  2. I just bought turkey pepperoni this weekend for my boys! That snack sounds perfect especially with a little cheese on top.

    I like to see the calorie count of different fruits and vegetables, as well. Super helpful for low calorie meal planning.

  3. Great snack tips! I love to snack in between meals, this will help in choosing better snacks while also losing weight.