4 Confidence Boosters for New Moms

new momsAs a new mother, you will experience a variety of emotions as your child grows. Unfortunately, not all of these will be positive. Feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt are all but inevitable. These negative thoughts can stem from your own belief that you are not doing enough for your baby or from unsolicited comments made by other parents. To be the best mother you can be, never lose sight of what is really important and follow these simple pointers to boost your self-confidence.

Avoid comparisons

You can view other moms as your biggest source of support or your greatest competition. Comparing yourself to others is natural, but becoming fixated on how you stack up against others not productive. Instead of envying other mothers, try talking with them. You may be surprised to find that even the mother who looks like she has it all together experiences many of the same struggles as you.

Manage feelings of guilt

New mothers, especially those who return to work after having their children, often feel guilty about not spending enough time with their babies. Guilt can be a confidence killer, and while ridding yourself of the emotion entirely is nearly impossible, guilt can be managed. When you get a pang of guilt, acknowledge it and move on. Setting the self-defeating emotion aside gets easier with practice.

Enjoy your baby

baby toysMany new mothers obsess over whether they are properly stimulating their children, and some become hyper-focused on education. Instead spiraling into self-doubt over what your baby is getting out of an experience, concentrate on having fun while doing an activity. Your baby constantly absorbs and processes information during play, so don’t obsess over connecting the dots for him or her. Your little one will be happy that you are playing along, and the happier your baby seems, the more confident you will feel.

Tune out negative opinions

As a new mother you will be inundated by unsolicited advice from family members, friends and people you hardly know. Everyone will have something to say about how you are raising your son or daughter. While such comments may seem simply annoying at first, they can eat away at your confidence.

baby bookYou can’t stop others from giving you advice, but you can teach yourself to filter out information you deem useless while internalizing only the tips you believe can help. Identify a few people whose advice you will consider. When dealing with others, simply smile politely and say, “Thanks for your input.” Remind yourself of your plan and don’t take unhelpful comments personally.

Feelings of inadequacy and doubt are extremely common for new mothers, but you don’t have to let them rule your life. Practice managing your feelings and enjoying your time with your baby and you’ll be on the road to parenting confidently in no time.


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