2011 Kmart Fashion

Spring Into Kmart Fashion www.kmartfashion.com!

I am absolutely obsessed with these Spring looks from Kmart Fashion. Living in New York City, the weather is always unpredictable and currently, it’s frigid cold. I’m getting antsy just browsing through these Springtime pieces. The Spring trends I’m most inspired by are the unexpected ways to wear bright colors, and mismatched prints. I’m happy to know that cargo pants are still chic, and jumpsuits can be worn for a day. I’d love to know what kinds of trends you’re exciting about this Spring!

xox, Kmart Fashion


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  1. I have to admit that Kmart has been stepping it up in the fashion world. The prices are very reasonable and the clothing is very interchangeable, meaning it can be paired and stlyed with almost anything. I would like to get people more involved with these blogs and to look on the website because there is a lot of great merchandise advertised on here that many don't know about.