Work Halloween Party Costume Ideas

work halloweenSimple office Halloween costumes are easy and fun to wear, but it’s important to follow a few rules. Show good humor and good sense. Choose a funny costume, but don’t make fun of a client or anyone you have to work with all year. Show good taste, because you want to be known for your work all year, not for your overly sexy or tasteless costume.

Unique Halloween costume ideas

It’s fun to dress according to a group theme. For example, “It’s a Zoo Around Here” would let each team member dress as a wild animal. The team leader or office manager could be the zookeeper or the lion. Your costume could be as simple as a gorilla mask and claw that you wear with regular business or casual clothing, or as complicated as a full penguin suit.penguin costume
“WWE Wrestling” is another possibility for team costumes. The professional wrestlers dress in costume all year, so there’s plenty of inspiration available and many identities to assume. Many wrestling masks are available, or you can paint on a personal mask with theatrical makeup. A warm-up suit or robe (over suitable clothing) completes the look.
A team could also dress up like the characters from CSI. Lab coats, scrubs, suits and fake badges capture the tone. A Gwen costume from Spider-Man has a women’s police lab look. Many popular shows have large enough casts to provide characters for everyone. Consider using “The Office,” “Game of Thrones” or “Justified” for a theme.

Office-appropriate Halloween costumes

Office-appropriate costumes lean toward the cute and funny rather than the sexy or gross. Avoid anything offensive, because people will remember. That means no racial or ethnic stereotypes whatsoever.gwen costume
Also think about the implications of the costume you choose. Women might want to avoid appearing as little girls in the workplace, and men should probably shun images like Jack the Ripper or Jason Voorhees. Of course, it depends on your workplace, and at some office parties, almost anything goes.
If you will work all day in your costume, choose something that won’t get in your way and will let you bring out accessories when the party starts. A costume Halloween party builds team spirit and helps coworkers build friendly relationships. It’s worthwhile for everyone to join in the fun, by wearing simple office Halloween costumes.

~Rebekah Meyer


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