Where to Find Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumesby Marla Milling

There are always the tried and true Halloween costume ideas — witches, ghosts, vampires, princesses and zombies. But if you’re craving something a little different, where can you come up with a clever idea? Here are some fun ways to discover trendy costumes as well as unique ones no one else will be wearing.

Pay attention to current events

Since this is a Presidential election year, you can bet that there will be plenty of Halloween partygoers dressed as Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. But don’t just stop there as you look through current events — see who else is making news that you might want to imitate. Some ideas: Katy Perry, pregnant Snooki or Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Go back to the storybooks

There are oodles of costume ideas straight from the pages of your favorite storybooks. Some are obvious — Snow White, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz — while others don’t come to mind as quickly. Refresh yourself on characters such as Strawberry Shortcake, the Queen of Hearts, Peter Pan and Raggedy Andy.

Do some Web surfing

See what types of costumes are available online. You might find the perfect costume to buy or one that triggers your imagination to lead to something that suits you. Kmart.com is bursting with costume possibilities. A sampling of costumes that range from funny to scary includes a crayon with a pointy “tip” hat to wear, a toddler’s panda, lady bug or monkey costume, and a man’s decomposed zombie outfit.

Accessorize through thrift stores

See what you can envision when you team up gently used accessories found at thrift stores. Loose multi-colored skirts, a white shirt, shawl, hoop earrings, bracelets and beads can transform you into a gypsy. Look for a wedding dress you can rip and add enhancements to as the Bride of Frankenstein, or take some medical scrubs, apply some fake blood and find a stethoscope or oversized syringe.


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