What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

halloween candyHave a strategy this year to control the sugar frenzy at your house after Halloween trick-or-treating. When your kids are drowning in treats, there are better ideas about what to do with leftover Halloween candy than letting them eat it all.

Donate Halloween candy to troops

Maybe you can’t imagine what it’s like to be deployed in foreign countries and war zones for months or years at a time. But you can imagine the smile on the faces of our troops when they open packages from home filled with Halloween candy. Your kids will be more willing to give up their stash when they know where it’s going. If you can’t find an organization locally that supports our troops and where you can drop off your Halloween candy, go online to Operation Gratitude. Here you’ll find directions for how you can send packages overseas to our troops.

Halloween candy decorations

glueWhat can you do with leftover Halloween candy besides eating it all? Turn those colorful candies into decorations. Fill glass jars of all sizes and Halloween shapes with bright candy corn assortments and finished with pretty orange and black ribbons. You can also glue candy corn, black gumdrops and black licorice onto a Styrofoam wreath or topiary to use as decorations inside and outside your home.

Recycle Halloween candy

Crush candy bars and store them for use for when you serve ice cream or as toppings for homemade cookies. Another recycling idea is to make your own trail mix by combining M&M’s® or pieces of crumbled candy bars with raisins, dried cranberries and nuts. You can also melt pieces of chocolate bars and pour the mixture into small candy molds to give as Christmas gifts.

Halloween candy dental program

toothbrushCheck in your area to find any dentists who participate in a Halloween candy buy-back program. Participating dentists either pay you money per pound or will offer toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste as a trade. This idea to get rid of leftover Halloween candy is a teaching opportunity for your kids about dental care and what happens to their teeth when they eat too much sugar — an unpleasant visit from Mr. Tooth Decay!

Donate to other organizations

When your office is submerged in leftover Halloween candy because everyone brought theirs from home, don’t forget about homeless shelters or other charitable organizations in your community. Make it a worthwhile project with your kids or take it upon yourself to organize a “What to do with leftover Halloween candy” project at work. There’s no reason to overdose on sugar when you share your kids’ trick-or-treat loot with others.



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  1. Good ideas!

  2. I didn't realize that it is so easy to donate candy to the troops. I would absolutely do that as opposed to my husband or I bringing it to work every week! Whatever we can to get it out of the house a week or so after Halloween!