Vegetarian Alternatives for Thanksgiving Dinner

sweet potatoesby Diane Quinn

Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes don’t have to be tasteless and boring when you use a little creativity. Replace the traditional Tofurkey® vegetarian Thanksgiving staple with other tasty turkey alternatives this year. Vegetarian Thanksgiving dishes can be traditional like baked stuffing or as adventuresome as your culinary spirit will allow.

Vegetarian stuffing

You can make an easy vegetarian stuffing that tastes almost like the traditional version baked inside a turkey. Instead of turkey broth, substitute vegetable broth. For added fiber, use whole-wheat bread instead of white. Use basic stuffing ingredients like onions, celery and mushrooms combined with herbs like thyme. Kick your version up a notch by adding Spanish paprika, nutmeg, chopped pecans or raisins.

Meatless vegetarian Thanksgiving

Make a savory vegetable pie using broccoli and a combination of cheeses like feta or Parmesan. Mushrooms are a Thanksgiving ingredient staple for many traditional dishes. Why not try a wild mushroom pie with a Swiss cheese crust that’s filled with flavorful oyster, chanterelles, cremini or shiitake mushrooms and spices?

Sweet potatoes and more

Another great idea for a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner is to feature traditional sweet potatoes combined with other nutritionally balanced ingredients. Layer sweet potatoes with black beans, rice and spinach in a flavorful gratin using cilantro, thyme and coconut milk.

Meatless lentil loaf

Make the star of your vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner an elevated lentil loaf that will have your vegetarian friends asking for seconds. Moist and loaded with flavor and texture, include ingredients like walnuts, ketchup, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Italian seasoning. Add a yummy sweet brown sugar glaze on top.


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