Top 5 Halloween Candy Suggestions for 2013

candy suggestionsThe most popular candy for Halloween has changed through the years. People used to eat candied popcorn balls that tasted something like a Rice Krispies® Treat. Another old-time favorite was salt water taffy, a sticky favorite that could easily pull out a loose tooth. People still enjoy these treats, but not usually on trick-or-treat night. Now, the most popular Halloween candies are nicely packaged in single-servings sizes, all ready to hand out to greedy goblins and famished fairies.

Top 5 candy bars

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are big favorites with kids. They combine slightly salty peanut butter with creamy sweet chocolate. They’re easy to eat neatly, because they come in a small paper holder, and the peanut butter adds a touch of nutrition.
The famous Hershey’s company offers variety packs of mini size chocolate bars that stay popular year after year. One variety bag combines crunchy Twix, Snickers, Milky Way and 3 Musketeers. These are candies many adults enjoy, if there are any leftover.
Skittles are another of the most popular candies. They’re a fruit flavored treat in a candy shell. They’re from the Mars candy company, and you can buy fun size packages of Skittles in bags with M&Ms, Starbursts and Snickers, also made by Mars.skittles
Baby Ruth candy bars have peanuts, caramel and nougat. It’s no wonder kids love them. Bags of the fun size go fast, because they’re such an irresistibly tasty combination.
Mounds Bars are another longtime favorite. They combine chocolate and coconut in a bar that’s sweet and slightly chewy. Almond Joy is a similar candy, a Mounds bar with almonds.

The best Halloween candy alternatives

Some families like give out fancy pencils or pens, because they object to candy. Other houses have even made themselves notorious for blocks around by offering toothbrushes or dental crackers
Sometimes a family offers treats like fresh fruit, but most parents are unwilling to let their children accept unwrapped treats on Halloween. Unsweetened treats like pretzels, wrapped nuts or Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers are a hit with some kids, if only for the variety. Chiclets and other kinds of gum are a slight change from candy, but are still somewhat sweet. Some parents object to artificially sweetened gum.
Most kids want candy, and most parents allow it for this special holiday. The most popular candy for Halloween is sweet and gooey, and it comes with the adventure of collecting it piece by piece.



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  1. Give yourself a terrifying zombie look this Halloween by using the right kind of makeup.

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  3. I concur - "Let 'em eat cake" or in this case, candy !
    The Reese's, Twix, Snickers, 3Musk., Skittles, Hershey's and Milky Ways will exit this abode that night and on the first train leaving in the morning by hook or by crook ! :) ! (well, perhaps not all of the Reese's :})

  4. Some other alternative ideas are organic gummy bears, graham crackers or my favorite.... money! There was always one house when I was young who passed out money (maybe because they forgot to buy candy!?!?)

    1. In response to Casey_G

      Splendid carve job, Casey G !