Top 5 Gift Ideas for a High School Graduate

High-school-gradby Janet Grischy

To give a great high school graduation gift, focus on what your favorite grad is planning to do next. If he is going straight to his first real job, choose him a gift that will make his workday go smoothly. If she’s going away to college, get her a great student gift. For someone planning to take a gap year, pick out something that will make the year off more productive. Knowing a grad’s plan makes it much easier to choose the right gift.

High school graduation gift ideas

Coca-Cola-mini-fridgeFor grads going on to college, choose a present designed to make dorm life easier. A bath caddy or grooming kit will help get essentials from the dorm room to the bathroom. A stylish but high-capacity laundry bag is another true necessity.

A mini fridge is an option, too. A cute compact refrigerator can store snacks for study sessions that last until long after the cafeteria is closed, and its design will brighten any dorm room. Compact refrigerators come in sizes and styles that suit any room décor.

Gift ideas for high school graduates taking a gap year

A gap year is an active vacation designed to explore the world of work and upgrade a grad’s résumé for future college or employment. High school grads taking a gap year are brave. They are leaving the beaten career path and striking out into the unknown with a job, an internship or travel. Show them your support with a gift like a backpack or a more formal piece of luggage that would look good at any Digital-Cameraairport.

Other gifts a gap-year kid might welcome include a camera, or accessories for the camera he already owns. Someone with a challenging gap-year job might also appreciate a notebook so she can keep a diary of the many adventures of this precious year.

Graduation gift ideas for grads starting work

Graduates who plan to go straight to work are showing real maturity by diving right in. Reward their decision with a gift that brightens their work day. Choose a colorful cover that fits and protects their phone or computer. There’s a case for just about Garmin-GPSevery gadget out there.

Or, pick up a portable GPS navigation system. A portable system can be used in any car or truck, and it will get your young driver where he’s going in record time. Whatever you choose, high school graduation gifts show seniors just how proud you are of them. The right gift will get your new grad started on the future with a smile.


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