Tips for trick-or-treating with toddlers

Toddler trick or treatingby Marla Milling

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to get your little ones ready for the big night. Trick-or-treating with toddlers can be a scary prospect if you don’t plan well. Make sure to take steps to keep yourself and your child safe and happy amid all the Halloween festivities. Here are some helpful tips.

Comfortable costumes

Be picky when choosing the right toddler costume. Make sure it’s comfortable as well as fast and easy to remove for potty breaks or diaper changes. You might even find an outfit that doubles as a Halloween costume and a sleeper. This makes it super simple to go out for treats and then simply tuck your child into bed when you get home. Try to avoid masks or heavy headgear that can become too hot and cause your toddler to keep pulling it off. A little bit of face paint can be cuter and less irritating.

Consider alternatives

Instead of overwhelming your child by going door to door at night, look for trick-or-treating alternatives in your area. Some malls and Main Street shops offer trick-or-treating where the kids visit each retailer for treats. In recent years, more churches and community organizations have started offering “Trunk or Treat” events. Usually held during daytime hours, members decorate the trunks of their cars and offer Halloween candy and small items to the little goblins that come by.

Visibility counts

If you do go out at night, make sure that you and your child can be seen. Dark clothing or costumes can prevent others from seeing you well, so carry a flashlight or get some glow sticks, necklaces or bracelets. You might even put a flashing pin on your child’s costume.

Eat before you go

Make sure your child is well fed before you hit the trick-or-treat route. This will help cut down on the amount of begging for candy that you’ll hear. Also, make a plan for how you’ll dole out the candy and explain it to your child. You might decide that he can have a piece a day. Or you might convince your child to trade in the sugary stuff for a special toy he’s been wanting.

Prep for scary surprises

You never know when you might encounter scary noises or music, things that pop out unexpectedly or even a frightening costume worn by someone else along your path. Prepare your child that there may be some unusual things happening. If he gets frightened, reassure him that it’s all just part of Halloween make-believe and nothing to be afraid of.

Do you have some trick-or-treating tips to share with the community? Write them in the Comments section below.


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  1. Also, try to get your child a wide-mouthed plastic container, like the carrier pumpkin in the photo above, for ease of slipping the gift inside. Little tykes get passed over when they can't open their paper or plastic recycled bag.. :)

  2. I've found the trick or treating is best done earlier than later with a toddler since they'll be more stimulated by the decorations in day light. Also, my niece loves it when we dress the dogs in costumes and bring them along.