Tips for Applying Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup tipsby Marla Milling

A great Halloween costume can be brought up a notch with incredible makeup. Take pains to create a realistic look and you may have your friends fleeing from you in terror. Of course, not all makeup has to be scary. While there are plenty of witches, zombies and vampires, you might also want to create a dazzling, glittery look for a fairy princess. The choice is yours.

Plan ahead

You definitely don’t want to find out at the last minute that you failed to buy the tube of fake blood you need to complete your frightening Halloween look. Figure out exactly what you’ll need before Halloween arrives so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute and forced to improvise. There are also some simple recipes you can use to make your own makeup, such as combining corn syrup, chunky peanut butter and red food coloring for blood and gore.

Be creative

Let your imagination guide you as you take stock of what you have to work with. You might choose latex for fake skin, a variety of face paints, and black eye liner to create whiskers and to emphasize scowl lines. You can even buy makeup online, including witch makeup and accessories, spirit gum, silver and gold metallic makeup, latex liquid and vampire blood and teeth.

Special makeup techniques

Experiment with different techniques to get the effect you’re looking for. For example, take a bath sponge or loofah, cut it up and then smear the edges with burgundy or bright red lipstick. Dab it around your face to give the appearance of broken blood vessels. You can also use different colored eye shadows — try brown, gold or some shades of green — to create the appearance of bruises.

Do a trial run

A day before Halloween, sketch out the look you want and then apply the makeup and see how it looks. This trial run will also give you a chance to figure out if it’s best to put on the costume first or the face paint.


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