Throw a Back-to-School Party

Back-to-school-partyGet your kids and their friends excited about going back to school by throwing a bash and using creative back-to-school party ideas. Sometimes a little encouragement while having fun can make any “first day” anxiety miraculously disappear.

Back-to-school party invitations

Create invitations that are age-appropriate and with a planned theme. Save money by making your own by using a computer program or colored construction paper. Choose shapes such as red apples, report cards or yellow school buses. The most important part of an invitation is the theme, location, time and any special dress attire.

Back-to-school party locations

Consider a few of the following location ideas to add excitement to the new school year:

  • Backyard or state park camp-out — This is a great idea for older kids who feel nervous about starting school. Let them relax while communing with nature.
  • Pool party and barbecue — Allow the kids to have one more blast before pool season ends and homework begins.
  • Back-to-school fashion show — After the kids have their new outfits, turn your living room into a runway and use flashlights for lighting as the kids strut their stuff like the pros.
  • Host a “make a difference” party — A backpack-stuffing party where all the guests bring school-related items sends a powerful message when they are delivered to charitable organizations.

Back-to-school-party-2Back-to-school party decorating

Keep your party decorating simple with traditional balloons in school colors combined with easy-to-make garlands. Cut scrapbook paper triangles, letters or numbers and paper clip them onto cord or ribbon. Hang a large world map as a backdrop behind a refreshment table. Stack piles of age-appropriate books on tables and have a globe on display.

Back-to-school party favors

Give practical party favors that the children can use later.

  • Glue pencils to a small bottle of Elmer’s Glue. Attach a paper banner on the tip with words of encouragement for the upcoming school year.
  • Fill lunchboxes or brown paper bags with pretty paper clips, erasers, crayons, magic markers, scissors or rulers for each child. The boxes can serve as decorations until the kids leave and take them home.
  • Fill a decorated box with bag tags and zipper pulls and allow each child to choose.

Back-to-school party games

A combination of crafts and games will keep kids of all ages engaged.

  • Decorate notebook covers, mini black boards or mirrors for lockers or  pencil boxes.
  • Play word games, 20 questions, crossword puzzles or word search puzzles.
  • Weather permitting, play dodge ball, have relay races or play other yard games.

Back-to-school party food

Back-to-school party ideas should include easy-to-eat finger foods such as cookies or cupcakes decorated in school themes. Fill a fishbowl with goldfish crackers and brown paper bags with popcorn. Cut up cheese blocks on plates with grapes and toothpicks and encourage the kids to make their own “molecules.” Most kids never get tired of sandwiches, especially when they are cut into fun shapes.

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