The Kmart Secret Santa phenomenon has gone viral!

The Kmart Secret Santa phenomenon keeps on growing! Thanks to the Secret Santa in Michigan who started this random act of kindness, we have a great holiday trend that won’t stop. Here’s some recent footage of the Kmart Secret Santa(s) or Kmart Angel(s) visits stores across the country. If you hear about a Kmart Secret Santa visit, let us know! Thanks, Jillian; ABC News (Dec 21, 2011)

Fresno,CA (KMPHFox26 - Dec 21, 2011)

Janesville, WI. (WiscTvChannel3000 - Dec 21, 2011)

Fenton,MI (connectmidmichigan – Dec 21, 2011)

Lancaster, Ohio (CenterNews - Dec 21, 2011)

$15,000 Donation in Palm Beach, FL. (WPTVnews - Dec 20, 2011)

Myrtle Beach, SC. (WPDENewsChannel15 – Dec 19, 2011)

Kalispell, Montana (KPAX missoula - Dec 19, 2011)

Reading, PA. (CbsSundayMorningCBS - Dec 18, 2011)

Cincinnati, OH. (wcpo – Dec 16, 2011)

Indianapolis, IND. (ABCNews - Dec 16, 2011)

Reno, NEV. (VIA WIVBTV - Dec 18, 2011)

Omaha, NEB. (VIA KETV.COM – Dec 17, 2011)

Grand Rapids, MI. (VIA WOODTV8 - Dec 7, 2011)


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  1. I went to cancel a layaway that I had put on for my children because I couldn't afford to pay off the balance. To my surprise a "secret santa" had paid the remainder for me. I was so surprised and overwhelmed all at once. The tears came and I was speechless. Secret santa you just don't know how thankful I am, thank you so much. My children will wake up on Christmas with something big to unwrap.

  2. It's nice to know that there are some great people. It is very tough out there for a lot of families that are just struggling to put food on the table, let alone provide toys for a great Christmas. These great acts of kindness will not ever be forgotten, especially by the families that have been helped.

    Thank you Secret Santas and Angels!

  3. Hi haumaui: Thanks so much for letting us know about the Secret Santa in Hawaii. I am trying to get video footage to post to the blog. You are right, there are some special people out there that are making this Christmas very special for others. May you have a Merry Christmas too! - JJ:)

  4. It seems a "Secret Santa" has also arrived here in Hawaii. Yesterdays newspaper announced that several accounts at the Kmart in Kapolei had their layaways paid off. The stranger also passed out $100 bills through out the store, a total of $5000.00 was gifted by the swift santa. The contagious act also happened at at the Waikele Kmart having paid off two accounts! What a wonderful Christmas for those in need! I understand first hand how it is to be 'broke" during the holidays, but it brings me joy to know that others may have their wishes fullfilled! Thank you for Angels of Kindness!!

  5. love it ..we all enjoying giving,,ive put in for my kmart gift card on my wishlist hoping an angel will buy it so i may also give..i couldnt even afford the layaway this year!! corvallis oregon..merry xmas and bless the angels