Summer Clothing Essentials

Summer is definitely the easiest season to buy clothing for. For one, the clothes are generally less expensive than the heavier items you would buy for fall and winter. And, you don’t need too many pieces. With just a few essentials, you can mix and match all summer long. The key is to remember that hot summer days can turn into cool summer nights, so layers are important.

Tanks: Tank tops are the quintessential summer staple. They can be worn casually with jeans or shorts or dressed up with a skirt and an amazing statement necklace. They can even be thrown over your bathing suit when you need a little extra coverage. I replenish my supply of cotton tank tops every season, since they get so much use. This is the sort of item that you DO NOT want to wear with a worn out look to it. Your tanks should be crisp and clean.

Button Down or Tunic: Again, this key staple can be thrown over your bathing suit (add a straw hat, flip flops and a beach tote) or worn into town with capri pants, ballet flats and a cute clutch.

Hat: Every girl needs a straw hat. I’ve always worn a casual cowboy hat to the beach, but even a woven sun hat looks glam. Add some sunglasses and you’ll look amazing. Better yet, your face will be protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

Skirt: A cotton skirt that you can throw over bathing suit bottoms or dress up for evening is another wardrobe essential for summer. I like having a basic cotton skirt that can be thrown in my beach bag, but also ironed out for a casual dinner out. The ultimate wardrobe essential is this convertible maxi skirt/strapless dress by Joe Boxer. It’s a piece that you can really wear anywhere. 

Sundress: A pretty, floral sundress, just screams summer.

Again, all of these pieces can be worn to the beach, casually around town or dressed up for evening. Summer isn’t the time of year to invest in a number of expensive items. Summer clothing is lightweight, casual and fun. It shouldn’t strap your budget. A few inexpensive, but eye catching items will get you through the rest of this summer in style.


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  1. i love to shop at Kmart for my kids summer clothes.they have a wide variety of things.i dont shop anywhere else for there clothes.thank you Kmart for your low prices

  2. I love Kmart in the summer, their summer clothes don't stretch my budge so we have money left of to have fun. The prices are unbelievable and they always have me size....Thank you for the summer fun Kmart