Stocking Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

Christmas stockingsIf you’re looking for a few great ideas for kids’ stocking stuffers this Christmas, we can help! Here are four kid-friendly ideas to make their Christmas stockings irresistible:

1. The Disney 6-inch Mickey Holiday Plush toy will spread holiday cheer to kids of all ages. This delightful reproduction of one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Mickey Mouse, is small enough to fit inside your child’s Christmas stocking yet large enough to set a festive holiday mood. Complete with red and white Santa hat and green and white striped scarf, Mickey is ready to put a smile on your boy’s or girl’s face on Christmas morning and long afterward. Your teen and pre-teen girl will also love this charming stuffed toy.

2. Your boy, age 6-12, will love the Spy Gear Nightspyer gadget. But, shhhh! Your girl will love it, too! Any elementary-age child or even pre-teen who loves a mystery will thrive on carrying out that secret mission with this popular night-viewing device that gives young spies the ability to see in the dark. The 2x power telescopic lens lets your young sleuth see objects up to 25 feet away via the dramatic red-tinted light beam. Create excitement and adventure for your favorite young spy on Christmas Day and beyond by tucking this imaginative gift safely inside your child’s stocking. Then set that secret agent loose and turn your home into Mission Headquarters!

3. The LeapFrog Baby PDA is a fun way to introduce your youngster to the standard QWERTY keyboard at an early age. Recommended for boys and girls ages 3 and up, this adorable yet practical PDA replica will let you hide a wealth of educational fun inside your child’s stocking this Christmas. Scout, the puppy, will exchange text messages, share his weekly planner, and help your child learn how to browse. Prepare your curious little one’s mind and hands for today’s technology while providing hours of fun this Christmas and throughout the year. The device includes three learning modules to maximize educational value while giving your child a head start on today’s digital technology.

4. The Fisher-Price SHAKE & GO RACER STOCK CAR is bound to be a hit on Christmas morning when your boy, age 3-7, opens his stocking. But, be prepared, because his 3- to 7-year-old sister may just feel a tiny bit jealous of all the fun he’s having unless you drop one inside her stocking, too! Each car’s unique engine sound is activated by shaking. This simple motion also powers the vehicle and sends it racing across the floor, traveling as far as 20 feet, depending on how much your child shakes it before letting go.

The holidays may be hectic, but they can also be great fun for both you and your kids. We hope we’ve helped you save a little time this Christmas by sharing these versatile stocking stuffer ideas. Any time you’re looking for just the right gift, we’ll be here with many more creative ideas to simplify your search!


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