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Holly Ann-AeRee

When it comes to nail polish, I usually prefer cream finishes rather than sparkly glitter polish. However, every time the holidays roll around, I can’t help myself and tend to chose the festive polishes! With that said, here are my favorite holiday picks for 2010 (in no specific order!).

1.  Bold and Beautiful

I like this red shade all year round, especially during the holiday season. I wear it without any other color as its super shiny or wear it as a base with MAC Bad Fairy nail polish (this shade is very sheer and difficult to wear on its own).

This color is GORGEOUS and it looks better against my skin tone than other red shades, especially bright red. It’s a nice blood red hue, rich and deep, and I absolutely love it. It looks very polished and matches well with most complexions. It is buildable, appearing darker with each additional coat. I usually choose three coats but the example on the nail pictured is two.

Holly Ann-AeRee Stylesip

2.  Only Gold For Me

This is actually the only chunky glitter nail polish I own! I like this shade because it has a mixture of large and small glitter flecks.

The mixture of the different sized flecks in the polish is so amazing, giving it a cool texture. I like to use this polish as a top coat, either layered as a gradient (which is my favorite,) applied to the tips or used to create a design.

I have yet to use this polish over bare nails because it is VERY hard to remove and it would probably take forever to layer on the coats – maybe worth it for a special occasion. If you don’t have the time or energy, visit a salon and have them remove it with 100% acetone and a file drill. This polish DOES NOT play around with staying power!

Holly Ann-AeRee Stylesip

3. Holographic Polish – HD

OMG! Words cannot express how much I love this polish! It is my first holographic polish and I basically think it’s the coolest thing ever! It comes in a bunch of colors but I felt the silver was the least tacky. This polish is the best when you want to wear glitter while still looking subtle.

The holographic particles are very small and it’s mixed in with coordinating polish so it gives the nail a very smooth look. There is a subtle shine, but if you look closely you can see all of the holographic bits. My favorite part is the way the entire nail looks holographic, not just the pieces of holographic glitter. As a bonus, for those of you who don’t like to get to crazy, from far away it just looks like a silver nail polish. This is my favorite glitter nail polish. LOVE! Also, a big plus for me… it’s easy to remove! It comes off just like a regular nail polish!

4.  Coat Glitter – Purple Gleam

I know purple isn’t a traditional “holiday” color, but this shade is amazing. I love this polish BUT it is a bit more high maintenance than the others. Yes, you can get full coverage in one coat like the product claims but I still do two coats – when it comes to glitter go big or go home! However, since it has so much glitter, it dries very quickly and matte. If you see the polish getting clumpy you may want to try lacquer thinner or a good top coat.

Holly Ann-AeRee

5.Bad Fairy

As I mentioned earlier, this polish is very sheer and even with three coats you can see through it. With that being said, I love this on top of a coordinating polish color. It actually works over pretty much any color that is darker, but I tend to use it with other red shades, especially Essie Bold and Beautiful – think tinsel!  The glitter in this shade gives off an orange tone and it is easy to remove. This polish is very popular and is sold out most places so I hope you can get a hold of some (I bought back-ups!).

There you have it, my favorite nail polishes for this holiday season! Hope you enjoyed! : )

You can find similiar colors at your kmart stores or www.kmart.com.


Holly Ann-AeRee

Styelsip Girl



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