Plan the perfect Valentine Dinner at home

Romantic dinner at homeby Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Rather than sticking to the tried and true dinner and a movie routine this Valentine’s Day, why not plan a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home? You can plan a romantic dinner for two on any budget, for any tastes, and with a little creativity you can make this a Valentine’s Day your sweetheart will never forget.

As you begin to prepare for a Valentine’s Day dinner at home, consider whether you and your significant other will cook together, whether you wish to prepare a romantic meal yourself, or if you will have a chef-for-hire or some casual takeout food to enjoy. You can still do your own spin on the traditional dinner and a movie date by opting for homemade dinner or takeout at home and movie time watching Netflix or a new romantic comedy DVD or Blu-ray disc as you cuddle up together on the couch.

Benefits of Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home

  • It’s different and therefore memorable.
  • Dinner at home can be much more affordable.
  • You can both enjoy wine, champagne, or cocktails without worrying about how you’ll get home.
  • Your whole night can be more relaxed with a pace you set for yourselves rather than going by a restaurant’s busier pace.
  • You can avoid the hassle of reservations, traveling to and from, and relying on other people to ensure you and your sweetheart get to enjoy a good time.
  • Special time alone together can make for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Planning Valentine’s Day at Home

If you’re interested in enjoying a special Valentine’s Day at home, consider these tips to help you put your plans in place.

  1. Decide what you would like to do – dinner, movie, massage, dessert and drinks, or whatever you like.
  2. Create a menu of food that you and your sweetheart both love, and be sure to include an appetizer, entrée, sides and dessert, at the very least. You can also consider including soup or salad. Consider romantic choices like shrimp cocktail, Italian food, and a rich, delicious dessert for two.
  3. Order or purchase your supplies, groceries, and a special gift and greeting card for your Valentine.
  4. Choose a few mood-enhancing elements such as candlelight for your dinner and perhaps some soft and romantic music. Add soft and fragrant rose petals sprinkled about or get an entire bouquet to create a special ambiance.
  5. Be sure to keep your camera handy so you can capture a nice photo of the two of you for a frame or scrapbook.

Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day at home is possible even on short notice. Simply choose your menu, gather your groceries, and get started. You can make dinner together – a fun and romantic activity – or have your meal catered. As you plan your sweet and memorable evening together, try to allow for a meal with drinks and dessert, an activity, and special time alone or relaxing and enjoying the love you have for each other. Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Show off your special plans in the Comments section below!




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