Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

by Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Easter comes each year with promises of candy, bright and pastel colors, pretty flowers, and of course, a fun Easter egg hunt for all the kids to enjoy. As a parent, planning an Easter egg hunt can be time-consuming and a bit challenging, especially if your kids are all different ages. Just remember, the fun is in watching your child or children have a blast scampering around and collecting eggs, and all the rest is just the icing on the cake. Consider these fun Easter egg hunt ideas for kids of all ages.

Easter egg huntFirst and foremost, plan your Easter egg hunt inside or outside, depending on the weather. Always be sure to have a backup plan in case it rains, should you prefer an outside Easter egg hunt. If you decide to plan your Easter egg hunt for indoors, make sure you hide a few eggs in unusual places – your kids will love it! Try placing one in the freezer or the shower, in the dog’s bowl, or on top of the phone. Each year, your little ones will come to expect these locations to bear brightly colored Easter eggs, so make sure you can come up with new and fun locations year after year.

You will need to buy Easter egg hunt supplies regardless of whether your hunt is inside or outside, so be sure to look around for cute plastic Easter egg sets in different sizes. Look for larger eggs for smaller children and a variety of sizes to keep kids interested and excited at what may be inside. Once you have your collection of plastic Easter eggs, choose a number of prizes to hide inside the eggs, like small toys and trinkets, candy, chewing gum, tiny stuffed animals or action figures, and even dollar bills or quarters. Make sure your prizes are age appropriate to prevent choking hazards and to keep all the kids happy.

Before your little ones can start off on their Easter egg hunt, you must also ensure they have somewhere to put the eggs. Consider picking out Easter egg hunt bags or baskets so all the kids have their own place to put their eggs. You can even find cute plush Easter baskets that would be great for young children to tote around as they collect Easter eggs.

Once your kids start to get older, they may lose interest in old school Easter egg hunts. Rather than giving up, consider changing things up a bit. You can try doing a hunt with handwritten clues on sticky notes, leading up to a hidden Easter basket instead of individual eggs. You might also create a theme for the Easter egg extravaganza, by coordinating the prizes inside of the eggs with your child’s favorite characters. You can have each child look only for certain colored eggs or you can allow your kids the fun of swapping eggs or prizes as desired. You can even have a special egg that is the grand prize, and make it the most difficult to find.

One thing to keep in mind is fairness, and bigger children may be quicker and better at egg hunts than smaller ones. Consider having a limit to how many eggs each child can find and pick up, so no one feels sad or left out. Whatever you decide to do for your Easter egg hunt this year, be sure to snap some pictures and get a little bit of the fun on video.


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