Not Your Usual Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means you’re likely trying to think of a uniquely thoughtful gift for the mom in your life. Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that’s set aside to make moms feel special, but almost everyone settles on a card or a box of chocolates for their Mother’s Day gift. Why not take this opportunity to give something a little more personal?

Mothers-Day-giftsThe keys to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift are creativity and consideration. Try not to give her a gift that requires her to work to use it. Don’t be the person who gives mom a vacuum cleaner! She might need the vacuum, but she certainly doesn’t want it for Mother’s Day. Instead, do your best to figure out what your mom wants but might not buy for herself.

For techie moms

If your mom’s tech savvy, she might like getting one of several different gadgets. The Kindle Touch eReader would make a great Mother’s Day gift. She might not feel ready to take the plunge into digital book reading, but once she sees how easy to use and lightweight the Kindle Touch is, she’ll be thanking you for the rest of the Kindle-Touchyear.

If your mom’s a little more fluent with technology, you might want to get her a tablet. The Linsay 7″ tablet is a great value for the price. If she wishes, mom can always download eReader software to her new tablet and enjoy the benefits of both an eReader and a tablet computer in one device.

Moms with hobbies

Some moms have a beloved hobby, while others are open to trying new things in hopes of finding a new favorite pastime. Pay attention to what your mom has been saying lately for clues. Is she looking forward to the nicer spring weather? Has she been talking about taking up gardening? Does she want to start getting physically fit? Find hints from these conversations.

Women's bicycleYou could help your mom enjoy the outdoors while becoming more fit with the gift of a new bike. After all, spring is the best time to go for bike rides around the neighborhood or on the nearest bike path. If your mom isn’t really the outdoors type, but still wants to be more active, she might enjoy an indoor exercise bike. If she still has a spare room in the house, this indoor bike would be a great way for her to enjoy a quick workout whenever she has the time.

Be a gem with jewelry

Jewelry is a classic Mother’s Day gift, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity. You know your mom best – find something she’ll love but might not expect. For example, an elegant Elgin watch would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift.


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