Make January Birthdays Special after the Holidays

Make January Birthdays Special after the Holidays

A January birthday should never be given the short shrift in the wake of the holidays. Give Capricorns and Aquarians special attention and plan unique extravaganzas your friends or loved ones born in January won’t soon forget.

Garnet Fashion Ring in Sterling SilverPaint the party red

Use the garnet, the January birthstone, and its rich, red color as an inspiration for celebrating an after-the-holidays birthday. Incorporate the theme into all aspects of the party. Print invitations on deep red cardstock, cover tables with red cloths and string ceilings with red ribbons, all of which should be easy to find during the preceding month. Serving a red velvet birthday cake and presenting the guest of honor with a garnet ring can make the party unforgettable.

Make it a ‘first’ birthday

Playing off January being the first month of the year, take the birthday-haver back to the first place you met. For a spouse or significant other, recreate your first date or cook the first meal you shared in your home.

Walk into a winter wonderland

When the winds of January blow, take inspiration from nature and create a winter wonderland-themed party perfect for an adult, teen or child. Decorate with icy blue, sparkling silver and winter white. Serve snacks and dip from white porcelain dishes and drape tables with snowflake-patterned tablecloths. For a young girl, take the theme one step further and create a snow princess party complete with tiaras for each guest.

Red and Black Triple Bella Slow Cooker BuffetThrow a ‘soup-er’ party

January is National Soup Month, so celebrate that special someone’s birthday by inviting friends and family over for a fantastic soup buffet. Serve traditional favorites like chicken noodle, vegetable and a loaded baked potato soup alongside more exotic selections such as tortellini Florentine, spicy chicken tortilla and creamy tomato basil. You can present the soups in triple slow cookers.

Lay out a luau

Birthdays for January don’t demand cold-weather themes. If you live in a warmer region, hold an outdoor luau. Serve frozen coconut and pineapple drinks with barbecue pork kabobs, and don’t forget to present a lei to each guest. When sending out invitations, ask guests to come dressed in their island finest, such as Hawaiian print shirts and even grass skirts. If you need to hold the luau indoors, turn your home into an island getaway with tropical decorations.


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