Last Minute costume ideas for Halloween

Are you one of those procrastinators who has just realized that the Halloween party is just in few hours and you have nothing planned out? Or maybe putting together a costume conjures a bit of dread to you? If you’re at a loss for what to wear this Halloween, here are some quick and creative costumes that can be put together just couple of hours before the party. What’s more- all costumes are currently 50% off at Kmart stores!

Cereal Killer: Puns are inevitably the best way to go when cramming on time for a last minute Halloween costume. Grab a cereal box, some red paint and a FAKE knife, and go at some variety of cereal boxes.

Black eyed Peas: Draw the letter P in black around the child’s eyes. What are you? “Black-Eyed-Peas”. Be careful to use safe ink!

Refrigerator magnet: Paint a shoebox black and attach it to your back. What are you? A refrigerator magnet!

Halloween Masks : Dont have time to do make-up or allergic to paint? Just stop by at the nearest Kmart store and get these interesting masks.

Law suit: Dress in a nice suit. Attach legal documents to yourself. What are you? A law suit

Hippie costume: This one of the easiest costumes you can go with. Make it really authentic by adding some tiny braids at the front of your hair.

Facebook Page: Use a piece of cardboard to create a profile page. Cut a hole out where your face should go and then fill out all of the relevant information with a set of colorful sharpies. Make sure to include your interests, phone number, favorite drink, etc. just in case anyone is curious.

Baked Potato: New parents! Are you confused about how to dress your infant for the Halloween party? The answer is as close as your kitchen! Simply wrap the offspring in aluminum foil — and the kid’s a baked potato!

Spice Girls: Ladies! Want a quick costume that’ll make you as trendy as the hip kids on MTV? Raid your kitchen cabinets and take every bottle of seasoning. Now tape the bottles all over your body. You’re one of the SPICE GIRLS!

Airblown Personal Trainer Adult Costume: You’ll be the hit of the party with this hilarious Airblown inflatable costume. Just slip it on, turn on the fan, and you’ll stay cool and comfortable all night long.

Highway: If you still want something simple then dress up in Black clothes, put yellow electrical tape down the torso + toy cars + Velcro =Highway

Quarterback: Tape a photo of an enlarged quarter to your back. – A quarterback.

Invisible Man: The best last-minute idea for a party you’d rather not attend: Tell the host you’ll be coming as the Invisible Man. Then don’t show up!

For more Halloween Tips & Ideas, visit the Kmart Halloween Hub.

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