How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

Gift wine bottleby Janet Grischy

Odd-shaped packages are a gift wrapping challenge. Don’t give up and throw them in bags. Good wrapping makes a gift special and lives up to the present inside. Creative gift wrapping ideas can glamorize even hard-to-wrap gifts.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Fill oversized boxes with balled-up newspaper or tissue to wrap difficult gifts. This can make someone really work for the present. Boxes make wrapping oddly angular presents easy.

Cylindrical containers are easy to find. They suit cylindrical gifts and some round ones, too. Another option is to roll a round or cylindrical gift in a cylinder of gift wrapping paper and tie the ends with ribbons so it looks like a giant hard candy.

Wrap a spherical gift in shiny red paper, gathering the wrapping paper at the top. Then tape a cylinder made from a Christmas ribbon reel covered in aluminum foil on top. Add a ribbon hanging loop, and your sphere will look like a giant Christmas ornament.

Unused take-out boxes work for wrapping gifts, too. If you choose to use a gift bag, cover the gift under layers of wrapping paper.

Gift within a Gift

A wine bottle solution is to wrap a gift within a gift. Many kinds of single bottle wine coolers and wine carriers are designed to keep wine cool and safe. Put your gift wine in one of these, and then tie on a bow. That’s all you need for a casually classy looking gift.

Put a gift card inside a cookie jar and decorate it with ribbon and a bow. Put earrings inside a covered candy dish, an ereader inside a book bag or a smartphone in a lunch box. It multiplies the fun of opening presents.

Tissue Paper Tricks

Wrap an angular non-rectangular gift in multiple layers of patterned tissue paper. Colorful tissue doesn’t crinkle or tear easily, and it fits any shape. Once you get the gift wrapped, add ribbon and a big bow to distract from any lumps or bumps.


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