How to Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

How to Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Making Valentine’s Day cards for grandparents, siblings and schoolmates at home allows children to express their creativity and personality. Here are 4 ways to help your kids produce simple, inexpensive cards for their friends and relatives.

rulerShare Valentines that rule

A basic wooden school ruler can be converted into a cool, unique Valentine with the application of red construction paper or card stock and black marker. Use scissors to cut the paper into strips that are 8 inches long and 2 inches wide, and then make slits that are just slightly wider than a ruler, 1 inch in from each end of each strips.
Have your child print “You Rule! Happy Valentine’s Day” between the slits on each strip of paper and sign each message. Slip a ruler through the slits on each slip of paper to complete the project.

Represent the lollipop, kid

Personalize a lollipop Valentine by including your child’s picture. Take a digital picture of your child smiling and holding his or her hand out as if he or she were gripping a broom handle. Print 3 x 5 copies of the picture, mount each on red card stock and trim away most of the card stock while leaving a border of about 1/8 inch all the way around the pictures.
Tape a lollipop onto each card so it appears as if your child is holding the sucker out to the recipient and have your child write “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the back of each card. If you’re concerned about giving other people’s children too much sugar, use organic lollipops.

Make pencil flags

Purchase and sharpen several pencils, and attach flags of red card stock reading “Valentine, you’re sharp!” Use your home computer to create and print columns of the punning sentiment, then supervise your child as he or see cuts the sheet into strips measuring 4-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches. Wrap double-sided tape around the top each pencil, and then roll each strip onto the tape.

finger paintProduce a handprint rose

A beautiful handprint rose makes a perfect Valentine for a grandparent or other adult who plays a special role in your child’s life. To make the petals of the flower, have your child cover the palm of his or her hand with washable red fingerpaint and then make a handprint on a piece of white 8-1/2- x 11-inch card stock. Then ask your child to paint on a green stem, write a personalized message and sign his or her name. Allow the picture to dry fully and consider framing it as a permanent keepsake.


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