How to Choose a Couples Costume Theme

Couples halloween costumesby Janet Grischy

Halloween costumes for couples can be cute, clever or slightly spicy. After all, Halloween is supposed to be a bit wicked. Part of the fun is choosing a couples Halloween costume theme. There are plenty of couples costumes to choose from, so get creative and pick an idea that best expresses both of your personalities.

You can be objects that naturally belong together, like ketchup and mustard, or bacon and eggs. On the other hand, you can be characters that naturally don’t belong together, like cats and dogs or cops and robbers. You can show you’re a team, by appearing as characters from the Avengers, or that you’re definitely a couple, by dressing as a pair from Dancing with the Stars. Starting with that basic choice can spark lots of ideas.

Cute couples costumes

Dancing with the Stars costumes might be hard to whip up in your spare time, but you can buy dancers’ costumes and modify them as needed. Remember to get tights or fishnets too and to polish your dancing shoes.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf could be done lots of ways. Her hooded cape could cover almost any other costume. Her wolf could be the hairy wolf-man type, or he could be someone who just acts like a wolf, with a little black book and lots of corny lines.

Clever costume themes

Let your creativity shine by putting your own spin on a couples costume. Cat and dog costumes could be very clever. Think about what it will say on your dog tags and about what specific breeds you are. Persian cats might just purr. German Shepherds might not speak English. Australian shepherds have accents, naturally. Dog the Bounty Hunter could be considered a dog, too.

Instead of dressing as Dorothy and the Tin Man, you could be Toto and the Tin Woman. A Tin Woman would have a slightly stiff walk and carry an oil can, naturally. Toto might speak in a growly voice and be very protective of the Tin Woman.

More couples Halloween ideas

Still not sure what to wear to that Halloween party? Try one of these timeless themes. You can both be devils, or you can dress as a witch and wizard. Maybe you can learn some spells to mumble or practice some magic tricks. Pirates are wickedly fun too, especially women pirates. Think about bringing a treasure map or a toy parrot, and practice talking like pirates. Vampires are always a classic choice but so are bumblebees. You could be bees and make beelines for each other!

What are your favorite couples Halloween costume ideas? Write them in the Comments section below to share them with the community.


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