How to be a Great Gift Giver this Christmas

Christmas gift givingGiving great Christmas gifts is a skill some people possess naturally. For others it’s more of a struggle, but it’s definitely something that can be achieved with a little effort. Become the best gift giver among all your friends and family with these helpful tips. They’ll thank you for it – and the gifts.

Listen and Take Notes

Don’t restrict yourself to the pre-Christmas rush to select the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Listen and make a note whenever your recipient mentions something they like or could use. Start preparing a Christmas shopping list as soon as possible; right after Halloween is a good time to begin. Starting early will help you take advantage of seasonal discounts and sales as well as more time to figure out what they’d like.

Think ‘Useful’

When thinking of gift ideas, consider things that’ll be of use to the recipient. Think about their hobbies or career interests. A good cookbook is a great choice for the amateur chef and a set of knitting supplies will be appreciated by someone who enjoys knitting as a relaxing activity. A young couple that has just set up a home will surely love useful additions to their kitchen.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

If you’re not sure of the person’s particular interests or hobbies, ask people who know them well for help with ideas. Or, if all else fails, ask the recipient; they’ll be glad you asked when they open up that terrific gift at Christmas.

The Three E’s of Gifting

Personalizing the gift you choose either by embossing, engraving, or embroidering is a great way to transform any gift into something special. Embossing silver items, or initials engraved on any plastic gift tells a person that you took the time and effort in creating a special gift just for them.


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  1. The most important part of gift giving is actually wanting to do it and enjoy the process. I observe and listen to family and freinds, picking up bits of info that help when Christmas and B'day gifts are needed. If I had money, I could give bigger and better, but that is not, nor has it ever been my goal. Giving something useful, and unexpected are the two points I try to acheive. The other goal, and the most fun, is disguising how the items are wrapped, so that the receiver is totally surprised. Even if they are fairly certain the gift or gifts that you will be giving, unexpected packaging throws them off. Also, I have never given because I felt obligated, or any relationship called for gift giving. I've received gifts from someone, but had not purchased one for them. I simply thanked them for the gift given to me, with no further comment. If you cann't afford gifts for everyone, just suggest "we" forego gift swapping. They may be elated you suggested it because they didn't want to themselves. Or, while at a gathering, manage to comment that Christmas is going to be unusally slim and lean this year. People should know if they don't receive anything, that you had already mentioned it. Either enjoy what little you can give, or don't give at all. It should all be from your heart, and bring pleasure to give to people you care about.

    1. In response to grandy44

      Very well put, Grandy44! I completely agree with you! One fun thing that my family also does (like you) is disguising the gifts and then we try and guess what it could be! My dad somehow ALWAYS seems to still figure it out even when we try and disguise the gifts. I don't get how he does it! I hope you have a great Christmas! If you have any good tips on how to disguise gifts better - let me know!

    2. In response to grandy44

      Sounds like a wonderful idea!!!
      Merry Christmas!!