Host an Adult Halloween Party

Host an Adult Halloween PartyWho says Halloween is just for kids? Halloween is the perfect time to show off your party-planning skills and have a great, fun — and spooky — evening with adult friends and family. The key to throwing a party for adults is to incorporate all of those fun aspects that made your kiddy Halloween parties fun — but age them up a bit. Here are some ideas to get you started on planning a memorable adult-only Halloween bash.

Halloween party themes

While you don’t have to have a theme for a Halloween party, a theme can make it easier – and more fun – for you and your guests. When you choose a theme, you’ll have a head-start on planning décor, food and entertainment — and your guests will have an easier and much more fun time choosing a costume. Themes such as “dead celebrities,” “historical figures,” “movie witches and warlocks,” “vampires,” and so on, are a perfect choice for grown-ups who want to be a little ghoulish on Halloween.

Halloween party food

Pass on the silly food games, like peeled grapes stepping in for witch’s eyeballs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some creepy crawly party food. It’s best to stick to finger foods on Halloween, unless you’ve planned a very formal theme like an elegant murder mystery party. You can have all sorts of fun here — making “ladies fingers” out of cookies or soft pretzels, eyeballs out of candy, and “mud” chocolate cupcakes with worms. If you’re serving alcoholic drinks, get some spooky decorations to hang on the glasses — like plastic spiders or bloody fingers. The sky — or should we say the graveyard — is the limit!

Halloween party entertainment

Entertainment for an adult Halloween party usually falls into one of a few categories: games, music and movies. Music and movies are pretty self-explanatory: creepy musichalloween music, fun Halloween party dance songs, and horror movies are standard Halloween party fare.

Halloween is one those holidays where party guests will be much more willing to play fun, quirky or even scary games. You could play a timed, mini-murder mystery game (or a full-fledged game, if you’re willing to put in the work!); horror movie charades, where players must act out scenes from horror movies for other party-goers to guess, and any other game with a spooky Halloween twist are always fun for an adult Halloween party.


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