Have a Spicy Cinco de Mayo with These Recipes

Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and why not celebrate this festive occasion with Mexican dishes your family is sure to love? This holiday originated in the Mexican state of Puebla as a way to celebrate the Mexican army’s surprise victory over French forces in 1862′s Battle of Puebla. Today, the holiday gives Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and others a chance to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride. These four dishes will have you and your family chanting “Viva Mexico!” on this special day.

Breakfast-burritoBreakfast Burritos

Start your morning with a filling breakfast burrito. Since they’re so easy to make at home, you can ditch the frozen burritos  and you may never go back to buying them again after this! You’ll need flour tortillas, either white or whole wheat. You’ll also want eggs, sausage, cheddar cheese and salsa for the filling. Taco seasoning, tomatoes, red onion and garlic round out the flavor and give these a kick. To make the burritos, scramble the eggs and set in a bowl. Meanwhile, fry up the sausage with garlic and onion. Cut the cooked sausage and add everything to the eggs. Toss in your seasonings and stir. Add salsa and cheese to the burrito shell, pour a healthy amount of the egg-sausage mix in it and roll. Use about 2 eggs per burrito. These are quite customizable, so you can modify the recipe to go with your family’s tastes, or even whatever you already have in the house.

QuesadillaLunch Quesadilla

This dish is also quite customizable. Cheese quesadillas are the simplest. For meatless quesadillas, add baby spinach or black beans. For a quick meat version, try shredded chicken or cooked steak. These use the same flour tortillas as the burritos, plus cheddar or Monterey jack cheese and your preferred filling. To prepare the quesadillas, heat a skillet on medium and place one tortilla inside; no oil needed. Add shredded cheese to cover one-half of the tortilla. Place any filling on top and fold over the tortilla. The heat melts the cheese. Flip when the bottom becomes browned. Cut the quesadilla in quarters for easy eating. Have sour cream and salsa on hand for toppings.


Think of enchiladas as baked, saucy burritos, except made with corn tortillas instead of flour ones. They’re also easy to throw together using whatever you have on hand. Consider serving these enchiladas with a fiesta salad and Mexican rice and beans. Pour enchilada sauce in the bottom of a 9-by-13 inch baking dish. Shred leftover cooked pork and combine it with a tangy red or green canned enchilada sauce. Warm corn tortillas in the microwave, then add pork and roll the tortilla. Add more sauce on the top then sprinkle queso or cheddar cheese. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, then serve.

Taco-saladFiesta Salad

Add vegetables into dinner with a fiesta salad, which combines lettuce, black beans, corn and tomatoes with other Mexican favorites. You’ll need these veggies plus celery, carrot, endive, sour cream and ranch dressing. Combine everything in a bowl for an instant Mexican salad.

These dishes will get you started with a festive Cinco de Mayo and increase your confidence when making Mexican dishes at home. They’re flexible, forgiving, easy to throw together, and delicious.

-Lindsey Paholski


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  1. I LOVE mexican food. These ideas are making hungry!

  2. Great stuff!! I am gonna try these over the weekend :)